Going Places

Rating: 4.6

Though you try your very hardest to break my morale
I will keep on standing: fight till the bitter end
My desire is to protect myself respect, remaining as dignify as you
Cannot buckle down - this is a mission must completed
I will not submit to your needs

May have appeared to obey your commands but always
I'll be true to myself; do what is believed to be right
You feel good about yourself by making me look small
Oh no, NO! Play along with you let it seemed you're
in charge really I am. No one holds the key to my inner peace

Only I do! Hear my words twisting it to suit your
intentions; you're made up of destroying definitions
Aware of the cunning tricks that goes on; my attitude is not
to be crushed: looks like I've surrender, throwing in the towel
There's a force greater than you: it's coming to rescue me from your clasp.

I'm going to use it the way you've used me
taking control of my being; the fibre which made me strong
I've gained it back - I'm whole again

Christina Simmons

Sunday, October 26, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: people,self control
This poem was inspired when I was betrayed by someone whom I had put faith and trust in. Did a dirty on me, he was merely helping himself and not me at all. Our attitude of another's fall from grace. What we do in pretending we have their best interest at heart when really we're nurturing our bruised egos.
It's dedicated to all the people who have had a fall, risen again.
Michael Walker 04 July 2020

I am sorry to read that you were betrayed by a friend. That can happen to any of us. At least you have brushed it off, and are 'going places'.

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Michael Walker 07 February 2019

I am one of those people who has been let down. As you point out, there is always the chance to recover from a setback.

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