Christina Simmons Poems

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Going Places

Though you try your very hardest to break my morale
I will keep on standing: fight till the bitter end
My desire is to protect myself respect, remaining as dignify as you
Cannot buckle down - this is a mission must completed

Have No Fear: Feel And Do

Baby girl have no fear: see it as another challenge:
Another obstacle another hurdle to jump over:
Have no fear cause you're going to pull through
We're keeping watch, baby girl! Without stopping

Loving Myself.

Fallen out of love with the whole wide world
Everyone's an enemy, humanity is all against me
Arms are up in the air, totally surrender!
Can't think straight, not able to gather thoughts

Classy Lady

Hey! Fellows, dudes, guys and Macho Men......
This femmina has class. Hey! dolls, harlots, ladettes and Nymphets
Woman has etiquette! Fooled by her softly demurring approach
She's one hot passionate mama

Africa's Child

Is London now the new milk and honey?
How long will we stand aside and watch while
Africa is slowly suffocated and killed
The sweet land that once were is no longer

I Fight To See Another Day

You stripped me naked, robbed of everything!
My smile, laughter, the ability to give safe hugs
My joy of life!

Children We Bear.

Pain and torment a form of torture
A mothers' love is never ending it continues
till everlasting.

Colour Me Black

What's the colour black?
I hear you ask
It's a colour! I hear you say
It's you! It's me!

When You Walk Alone.

When you walk alone life goes on,
When you fall pick yourself up,
Brush your body down...
Cause life goes on.

Faithful Friends

Some friends are very envious
Some friends want to be in your shoes
Want what you have, they visualise cushiness