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Though you try your very hardest to break my morale
I will keep on standing: fight till the bitter end
My desire is to protect myself respect, remaining as dignify as you
Cannot buckle down - this is a mission must completed

Baby girl have no fear: see it as another challenge:
Another obstacle another hurdle to jump over:
Have no fear cause you're going to pull through
We're keeping watch, baby girl! Without stopping

Fallen out of love with the whole wide world
Everyone's an enemy, humanity is all against me
Arms are up in the air, totally surrender!
Can't think straight, not able to gather thoughts

Is London now the new milk and honey?
How long will we stand aside and watch while
Africa is slowly suffocated and killed
The sweet land that once were is no longer

You stripped me naked, robbed of everything!
My smile, laughter, the ability to give safe hugs
My joy of life!

Pain and torment a form of torture
A mothers' love is never ending it continues
till everlasting.

What's the colour black?
I hear you ask
It's a colour! I hear you say
It's you! It's me!

When you walk alone life goes on,
When you fall pick yourself up,
Brush your body down...
Cause life goes on.

Some friends are very envious
Some friends want to be in your shoes
Want what you have, they visualise cushiness

Born of my mother's womb; always will
be my number 1 woman and no other
Because of this fact I have been intuitively blessed
Emotional from my very first cry - when I wailed

I came back for the family I loved more than
I appreciated life itself; this self-loathing goes
beyond a joke: It's serious above all other doubts
I want so much to desire unseen qualities about me

Let the light in, let it shine - the sun is wearing
his hat; coming on strong, don't despair - loved more than you're
showed; staying away caused clueless in holding conversation?
Lost for words - can't sing praises; imagine only how you were.

Need so much to cry buckets and buckets
Tears are all dried up! So very hurtful
Dare not complain utter a single word Of bitterness
Shallow real hard it'll past

What's It About? It's a haunting - sure is weighing down
like shackles, some kind of anchor stopping
from swaying; rocking backwards and forwards
Punch a hole in the boat it'll sink too the bottom


Stomach is swollen like a blown up balloon
It's not that I eat like a horse - nor late at night
Full to the brim - after very small amount? It's not as if I gluttonously indulged. Neither care entertaining the idea!

I am so happy could fly as high as a kite
Floating on a cloud - breathing pure fresh air
filling my lungs with oxygen: moving down my windpipe
Aaaah! Feels so good to smile


Feel the friendly gaze of the sun
On my back, shoulders and face
Rejuvenating my body deliciously so good
Putting A smile on my lips


Original words stolen they have been
Verses come to me! Release my work
Unleash words! To you they don't belong

I want to scream! Scream!
Screaming out my emotions,
Bawling so loud everyone can hear

Saturday nite there's nowhere to go
Come together - maybe reunion in the making
Telephone call to show how much I care
A friendly chat is always a good idea

Christina Simmons Biography

I was born on the Island of St Lucia, situated in the Caribbean. My mother left me with my grandmother and grandfather to come to London, England. To stay with father. I was 5 years old at the time. Join them at the tender age of 9 years old. The difference in climate, temperature was a shock to my system. Shiver as I recall back. In school I wasn't an academic - spend my days mostly day-dreaming, my head in the clouds. I went back to studies as a mature student where I develop the bug for knowledge. There was really no stopping me once I got the taste to pursue higher education. I trained as a social worker for two years, then decided the person who needed help was MOI. Did primary school teacher training and again did two years only to discover it wasn't for me. Then I trained a further year learning aspects of counselling. It was during that period I found out had talent for entertaining folks: I packed as much as I could under my belt in the way of creative writing, script writing, poetry work shops, singing lessons and learning to play bongo drums, guitar; I performed my poetry, sang at various venues in the evenings. Until diagnosed with brain tumour in spring 2002. When my then life came to an abrupt end and like the phoenix who re-risen from the ashes I was reborn.)

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Going Places

Though you try your very hardest to break my morale
I will keep on standing: fight till the bitter end
My desire is to protect myself respect, remaining as dignify as you
Cannot buckle down - this is a mission must completed
I will not submit to your needs

May have appeared to obey your commands but always
I'll be true to myself; do what is believed to be right
You feel good about yourself by making me look small
Oh no, NO! Play along with you let it seemed you're
in charge really I am. No one holds the key to my inner peace

Only I do! Hear my words twisting it to suit your
intentions; you're made up of destroying definitions
Aware of the cunning tricks that goes on; my attitude is not
to be crushed: looks like I've surrender, throwing in the towel
There's a force greater than you: it's coming to rescue me from your clasp.

I'm going to use it the way you've used me
taking control of my being; the fibre which made me strong
I've gained it back - I'm whole again

Christina Simmons

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Loving Holy Father. I'm in love with you dear God, in the name of Jesus Christ, worship you and no other. Free my soul let it roam running wild in the wilderness, never taking a moment to look back. Homeward-bound, keeping my attention focus and alert, in order to overthrow my enemies, always on the lookout! Remaining on guard. IN YOU GOD I TRUST.

The battle is not mine but the lord's. Consider yourself as mother nature. Guardian to ALL.

'I was born alone I will die alone' Never fear being by yourself. It's an opportunity to get to know who you are.

I can not emphasize enough! The importance of friendship. Take great care of them. They're imitations of ourselves.

We're our mothers. We inherit her beliefs. We choose men according to what her choice of men were.

Not everyone who preaches the words of the scriptures will see the golden gates of heaven. It's very rear to come across some one with a true Heart.

A woman can still love a monster.

No one gets away with a wrong deed. Everyone gets their comeuppance. There's such a thing as a universal law.

Listening is an acquired skill which has to be learned.

A smile can heal a wounded heart.

Cry if you must. Tears are cleansing.

Where there's a will there's a way.

What goes around comes around. Never mind first time round a blanket is place to cover your eyes: second time round they will see clearly.

'A mother's love is so powerful it can move mountains'.

'A woman is her own worst enemy: until she becomes a best friend to herself'.

When all about you is dull and cloudy. Retain a shinning smile.

Before we can put an end to violence; each person need to consider the tiny person we all have deep within. Learn to listen and to tune in to ourselves - individually. Unless we can do this; we'll go on living in a world where survival of the fitted counts, appearance matters, status is significant; and we no longer have a media that constantly reinforces one race is superior to another.

Admitting ones own prejudices, discriminations and racism to the self is one of the hardest thing to do.

Never underestimate the power of love - it can create miracles right before your eyes; where there was originally no hope for living.

Act your age not your shoe size.

A woman is her own worst enemy. 'Self-Critical' And a misogyny. Although remains unaware of this fact. Abusive males, whom in reality has a strong dislike for female femineity, picks up on this - abled to smell it like a whiff in the air. Seeing her as an easy target; someone to be manipulated into subserviency. .

Life continuously evolves: people change: we need to learn to let go: NO matter how mind-blowing the experience.

I'm the only person responsible for weakening my foundation: surely I alone can rebuild myself.

The creator has a master plan: my womb has been used for me to conceived: enabled to fertilized the earth: only passing through so therefore nothing belongs to me. This include children I gave birth too.

Money is known as the root of all evils: yet we're not able to function - carry-on without it in a civilized society. What does that say about us?

Everything I think I own is simply borrowed: sustained to complete life's journey. Learn to take a little - give a little. Never expecting too much in return. Go with the current of the river: sometimes rough, other times clam. It's not always a smooth ride. Do things which create laughter and smiles. Once you know these rules there's NO anxieties or depression. ALL is well in my world.

All this going around in circles, beating round the bush! ? When really all I want to say: Listen up! A passionate gal needs a passionate guy....If you don't have a 6'inch dick! Piss off, don't waste my TIME.

LOVE is an energy of lightness, easiness and FREEDOM! Not freedumb!

Surround the self Surround the self with NEWNESS! And change will come automatically. It'll all unfold right before your eyes. with

Can't bear to focus my attention on any serious matter all I WANT TO DO TODAY is daydream of the times we made wild passionate contact.

It doesn't matter if you don't get a thank you, kind words of acknowledgment for motivating others, for example to do something positive, like to follow a diet plan or to get in a car and just drive, after being afraid. Don't be despondent because in your heart of hearts you know what you did so be kind to yourself instead.

Having a good cry - the real sobbing kind: tis a good thing. Our soul thirst for it. For it cleanse our inner junk yard.

You can take the person from the ghetto but you can't take the ghetto OUT of him/her.

Why do we find one person in particular more attractive than another? ? ? Why do we only want to be with one and not another? ? ? After all there are: 'Plenty more fish in the sea'

The British weather is schizophrenic cause it never knows whether it wants too rain, be sunny or cloudy? ? ? So you are not sure where you stand with it! ! !

Once your mind has been set on achieving a goal - making it into reality: with third eye transfix - become someone possess - have mentality of eventual success before even anything happens. Adopt attitude of focus, perseverance. You're now a driven force: using all your energy regardless - let nothing gets in the way completing this given task - see it as a challenge. Obstacles are merely hurdles you need to jump over. Get that bone! Finally reaching your destination.

Us human beings are definitely no where near perfect. Any one who make you think otherwise s/he is pulling your leg. Abusers tend to portray perfection and to an innocent, naive person that's easily done. In reality we are nauseating and really quite vile. We reveal our teeth - showing a smile to each other when it's in our favour.

Black is my colour and black I'll always be! So don't try to rearrange me to suit your specific specification.

I'm told from an early age certain terminology is only for used by royalty: especially the word 'one's' reserved for her majesty to use (the Queen.) Not a commoner like you to utter. Stay well clear! Even though I'm comfortable using such in my vocabulary - royalist looking down at me, giving a vile look, shaking their head: it's only for those with 'blue blood! ' Not in your place to repeat 'ones'.

When you've been blessed with natural voluptuous breast consider yourself mother nature! A lucky woman worship by all.

STOP! Preaching such nonsense. A set of people has to be seen as having virtuousness are suppose to be white. This prolong way of thinking is infuse and continued by modern technology, ie, Television, radio and the likes. Observe I must! Soaking in like a sponge I mustn't!

The man/woman has forgotten what it truly means to have melanin in the skin, hair and eyes: protection against the sun's rays: You're extra special girls and boys, everywhere you go the sun follows, everywhere you are there's sunshine.

You are God! God is inside each and everyone of us. You are your creator and maker! Just need to learn the ways of tuning into these inner resources we all possess deep within. Get ready to move mountains all at a glance and intense concentration.

There's nothing wrong with being and showing vulnerability without fear of being taken advantage of. There are always those who will see this as an invitation to cause the individual harm and severe pain altogether; just need to be vigilance where such folks are concern. Always making sure you have the upper hand from these 'wolf in sheep clothing'

I have stop caring a FUCK about human beings, what they say or do! The way they perceive me as another spirit NOW whilst still alive and after I'm gone. Live this earth-plane. I get these subtle hints 'you're a disabled Non-white person so therefore take what you are given: which is always second best. 'I'm saying I deserve far much better than what is on offer for me'. Everything the majority of us have been told is a 'great big fat porky'. I made this land what it's, today. Before I came it was bitterly cold and lifeless, and in sheer darkness. I brought light and colour with me when I came: A child of the SUN.

The world is upside down because of all the people in it with sick and warp minds. Show them a few kind actions that is unconditionally base, couple with laughter and they become totally confuse, so much so they'll assume you're gay; as if only a homosexual is capable of real 'Love'. Give your genitalia less importance instead focus on your heart. A woman is capable of being helpful and supportive toward another without any interest in the private parts.

Man, cut me some slack and stop treating me so mean. Devout me no more don't behave like a shark have/show some mercy, boy.

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Christina Simmons Popularity

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