Good Morning! Poem by Abekah Emmanuel

Good Morning!

Rating: 4.5

When the day sweeps
Away the last drop of darkness,
Aurora with her cool breath,
Gently rising to her duties,
And with the sun as her companion,
Drizzling light into dark corners,
It reminds the nursing mother
Of the child who interrupted sleep last night,
It touches the heart of the caring father
Still working on their unfinished home,
And alerts the poet of his unfinished verse
Of a dirge, whose theme is nothing but death.

But isn't it amazing,
How our minds are occupied
By rainbow dreams that spark across the sky,
That must be true at rainbow's end.
A waiting port of gold
Every nerve dances in anticipation!

Yet for me, every morning brings,
Such a melancholy joy
But perhaps you understand,
For it sprinkles fresh hope to the boy
While slowly, pushing him to his grave.
But as long as life endures,
And the sun continues to shine,
Surely every morning,
is a good morning!

Monday, August 25, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: morning
Valsa George 05 October 2014

Believe that every morning is a good morning and let every nerve dance in anticipation! Joy is often mixed with a pinch of melancholy.... That's life! I enjoyed the image of day like a scavenger sweeping away the last drop of darkness! A sweet poem, Abekah!

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Hazel Durham 07 September 2014

I love the beauty of your words you write with such originality and panache! Thank you so much for sharing!

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Abekah Emmanuel

Abekah Emmanuel

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