When I Whispered My Love Poem by Abekah Emmanuel

When I Whispered My Love

Rating: 4.8

When I whispered my love to you from afar,
You went deaf and considered it a holy lie,
You ignored my calls, texts, and everything
About me that you could, by chance, find:
When I first saw your sharp curves and dimples,
I thought you would certainly be mine,
But today I can clearly see the opposite
As your world is nothing to occupy.
Don't you remember the dark ages?
It was on me, my love, you relied,
But now when I sit down and think about you,
All that I can do a whole day is to cry.
Remember the sweet things I promised you;
Chocolate, ice cream, pizza and the pie,
Look at the lovely and eloquent letters
Which you sent me through ‘yummy Bri'
I have now realized that indeed, time flies.
I used blank verse to put across my message,
But now for your sake, I employ rhymes.
I can't chase you till thy kingdom come,
If you don't love me, I will focus on my life
Perhaps we shall meet again in heaven
Where we shall together spend some sweet nights.

Monday, February 2, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: love and pain
E Nigma 05 February 2015

You're catching me in a rare mood dear sir... Can I say anything other than plenty of fishes in the sea and they come and go and do as they please? This day and age is not like the late 18's early 19 hundreds my friend... You should find yourself a girl that doesn't want anything to do with the internet period. =) Beyond that this is a sort of a sentimental stalker poem BUT This is where I'll fix that last ending statement WE ARE ALL STALKERS IN DISGUISE.. And you sir are a very emotional writer that pours it all into his work... I SERIOUSLY wish A LOT more writer would do the same but they don't hence why I don't comment very often amongst other reasons... You're a splendid writer with A LOT of emotion that you portray...There are so many times that we have those type of loneliness' moments and they are great for many things but they DO NOT rule nor define your world it's all about the moment. Remember that =) It Will be talking again years from now kid =)

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Jak Black 07 February 2015

Not sure if this is written from experience or imagination. You are a very talented young man, far more talented than the vast majority that use this and similar sites. There are various reasons why people use sites like this, poetry being merely one. Don't attach too much significance to a fleeting friendship/relationship you may subconciously desire. Poetry sites may not be initially designed to be social media sites but some do use them as such. Social media sites can be very impersonal and can can deeply harm a trusting, sensitive person. It takes a long time to get to know who a friend really is. Like e Nigma says, there are plenty of fish in the sea. Don't go overboard to catch one though.

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Dr Antony Theodore 27 October 2018

Look at the lovely and eloquent letters Which you sent me through ‘yummy Bri' I have now realized that indeed, time flies. if you dont love me i will focus on my life to fight, work hard and sucede in life. thank u very much for this poem. tony

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Kevin Patrick 19 August 2015

Its a master writer to take the clichéd subject of a broken heart and the emotional torture of a doomed relationship and give it new lease on life, but you have succeeded significantly in ways that amateurs could only dream. Well done sir, thank you for this wonderful work.

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Kelly Kurt 03 April 2015

Few agonies compare. Thank you for sharing

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Darlene Walsh 15 February 2015

A beautifully written poem on unrequited love, which can be the saddest and most painful. Darla :)

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Valsa George 12 February 2015

A passionate write from a melancholy stricken heart..... Love can hurt sometimes! But learning to take it easy is the greatest learning which is quite difficult and might take time! But the earlier the better, Abekah!

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