The Poet In Me Poem by Abekah Emmanuel

The Poet In Me

Rating: 4.7

Oh how I miss you, dear poet in me!
When I think about the time we shared,
How you had kept my stick busy in the past
And how you have divorced me suddenly
Makes barrels of tears fall from my eyes.
Why have you deserted me alone
In a lonely island of mental laziness,
At a time when I need you the most.
Tell me why, poet in me, what went wrong?

Come and see, you just come on board,
See how hunters are joyfully hunting
For classic poems of great poets,
See how, with haste, they publish
The words that they wish to tell the world.
See, my friend, how they write to teach,
Inspire, motivate and wipe the tears
Of the deprived ones, just see!

It has been long since you visited me.
Since we sang of poetry the last time,
All I remember about you are in dreams,
Yes! and its memories, wet my eyes.

Look at my friends, how prolific
They have become in time,
Look at Brian Johnston, how unique
His poems are, and the nice comments
He is currently attracting.
So tell me, poet in me, why me?

Have you forgotten about the island?
Yes! the treasure island, where fellow hunters
Are all dreaming and planning to go,
Look at the top list, and tell me,
Dont you feel ashamed?

Oh poet in me, I need you now,
Bring back those sweet rhymes,
Those mind blowing titles
And that simple but interesting diction,
And together, we shall leave our footprint.

Thursday, September 11, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: poetry
Achill Lad 11 September 2014

Another great poem, Abe. Soul searching. Meaningful. You must be patient, the best poetry is written when the heart and soul are synchronised. Quality is far better than quantity, don't compete. Be patient. For a young man you write some wonderful stuff.

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Daniel Brick 12 September 2014

This poem deserves to be called archetypal because of its universal significance. That is, all of us poets go through distressing, frustrating dry spells when the things that have to work in harmony for creative writing are either absent or malfunctioning. But the bright irony is - this poem is very rich in all of those things, and they are working harmoniously, just as they should. I don't say this to diminish your emotional distress, but rather to highlight a bright spot in your life which is going to get brighter - and then more poems will flow from your ready hands.

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Geetha Jayakumar 05 February 2015

Quite Interesting write dear Poet. Poet in you can never desert you, keep climbing the hill and leave the footprint behind. Beautiful presentation. Loved its flow.

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Heather Wilkins 03 November 2014

oh poet in me I need you now and together we shall leave our footprint very nice

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Soulful Heart 24 September 2014

well u seem to hv voiced my words that hv haunted me since a few months now....u surely will leave footprints and still have a lot of time to do cheer up....nice poem...

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Ging Taping 19 September 2014

Two thumps up! .. Best time to write is when you're in the mood to write..

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Valsa George 15 September 2014

This kind of a dry spell of which you bemoan here recurs in the life of every poet, though I feel that the poet in you has never deserted you so far! So glad to see a gifted young man, just doing his graduation and still with such flair and grace and felicity of expression! You can still go a long way and be assured you are in no way behind! Glad being introduced to your page!

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Abekah Emmanuel

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