Good News Poem by Jim Yerman

Good News

Rating: 5.0

With so much bad news all around our country…in our neighborhood…
We sometimes have a tendency to overlook the good.

Yesterday a woman came into the store and bought two books…
There was a gleam in her eyes when she told me one book was for her
the other…for her husband…a surprise.

But since here husband was in the store she didn't want her intentions known
"Could you hide it under the counter? " She asked. "I'll can pick it up when I'm alone."

"I'm here to buy my daughter a book." A man said.
She told me to go to the counter and see the man behind it
She knows I'm not good at locating things.
She said you'd help me find it."

He described the book…I took him to the section
but he didn't need me…I must add…
The book was open on the shelf
with a note reading, ‘It's this one Dad'.

"That's just like my daughter." he said
"Not only to leave it in plain view
but to make sure I would find it…she even left a clue"

Sometimes we need to look for good news…
in a world where we're barely treading water…
Like the love of a wife for her husband…
or a father for his daughter…

They say bad luck comes in threes…perhaps good news comes in twos…
For two times in a row I witnessed love…and I consider that good news

Good news in the smile of a wife's dilemma
and how she found a way around it…
Good news in how a daughter hid a book
and the face of the dad who found it

And isn't that the wonder of good news?
How easy it is to spot.
How it doesn't have to overpower you…
in fact most times it does not…

Monday, September 30, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: inspirational
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