Good Poetry; To A Friend Who Has Views On What Constitutes Good Poetry. Poem by Margery Rehman

Margery Rehman

Glasgow, Scotland but living in Karachi, Pakistan.

Good Poetry; To A Friend Who Has Views On What Constitutes Good Poetry.

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My thanks for being critical
To pointing out how factual
Too biographically actual
Too formal, too literal
My little poem is,
To be GOOD poetry.

No sentiment, you see.
Has the Muse deserted me?
For it's too abysmally descriptive,
Altogether non-addictive
To be GOOD poetry.

No soul searching passion,
No bleeding heart gnashing,
Just words strung together
In journalese fashion,
Not like GOOD poetry.

So, kind Sir,
Do listen to my plea,
Help my moribund prose be free,
By describing what it is you mean
By this ephemeral thing,
You call GOOD poetry.

Sidi Mahtrow 28 April 2007

Your words, dear Margery, are strung together In a bit of rhyme and reason That is welcome in any season To celebrate the world that abounds And cares not the comment of clowns That seem to know what they prefer Even when it matters not to any other So let your pen (or pencil if that be) Move swiftly across the paper, oh so free, To the amusement of us all Who care not what the critics call, GOOD poetry. s

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James B. Earley 29 April 2008

Such an elegant song, brilliantly sung! Thanks my friend.

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Meggie Gultiano 31 October 2007

Margery, still your poetry is really a very good poetry..It is in the reader's heart that he/she can see it..good or bad..I love your poetry..there is serenity and calmness..Top marks Love, Meggie

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R H 27 August 2007

Now this IS GOOD poetry - you have unleashed your frustrations onto the page in this well constructed and passionate piece. I'm sure this will strike a chord with many. Justine.

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Marvin Brato 21 May 2007

Margery writes a good poetry rate it for a 10 good or not every critic has own realistic view yes for a GOOD POETRY! Rate it 10 or not at all even a GOOD POETRY has to be criticized mainly not much on how it was written and matched to give rhymes, but nothing comparable... to its emotions and thoughts!

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Alison Cassidy 05 May 2007

Love this piece! And I understand your frustration. It is so easy to dismiss a poem because it fails to conform to some pre-ordained orderly pattern - 'show, don't tell', 'was is a wooden word', 'this would make a lovely story, but is it a poem? ' I know the sort of 'helpful comment' you're talking about. Dear Michael Shepherd told me once that there are two sorts of poets - jewellers and carpenters. I found his words very comforting and full of truth. An honest well written piece. love, Allie xxxxx

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Margery Rehman

Glasgow, Scotland but living in Karachi, Pakistan.
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