Margery Rehman Poems

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Getting Reconnected.

After you died I couldn't piece you together.
It frightened me a bit.
The more I longed for you
The more fragmented you became.

How Many Miles To Babylon.

(The real nursery rhyme goes;
How many miles to Babylon?
Three score and ten.
Can I get there by candlelight?


Restless, pacing panther-like,
I prowl the palace
Preparing for the gods to punish me,
As is my fate.

By The River In Summer Long Ago.

Hot, long lazy days
Sun dazed dragonflies skimming
Light filters through leaves
We swim among the lilies

Sunset In Muscat.

The sun begins to set behind
Burnt umber hills,
Singeing them with fiery red,
And spreads its light

Flashes From Childhood 1. The Clydesdales.

How we loved them.
In an otherwise grey world
These blinkered, patient creatures
Gave us such delight as

12th May 2007.Karachi.

Stuttering gunfire
Bodies like rags lie in heaps
On the burning road
Blood dries out fast in the heat

Landscape Inspired By Sibelius First Symphony.

In this lonely brooding place
The old gods still have power, still reign.
Here the rough-hewn hills around the lake
Stand out like ramparts, built by them,

Flashes From Childhood 2.; The Lamplighter (Leerie In Scots)

Up on the hill
In the posh areas
Where the Victorian villas
Were set back from tree lined roads,

My thanks for being critical
To pointing out how factual
Too biographically actual
Too formal, too literal

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