Sunset In Muscat. Poem by Margery Rehman

Margery Rehman

Glasgow, Scotland but living in Karachi, Pakistan.

Sunset In Muscat.

Rating: 3.9

The sun begins to set behind
Burnt umber hills,
Singeing them with fiery red,
And spreads its light
Catching domes and cupolas
Within a golden haze of flame
Silhouetted by a green-blue sky

Below the city, the sea
Lies deep turquoise.
The waves lap quietly
Towards the shore
Tangerine tinged.
The harbour is bathed
In an orange glow.

The call to prayer
Sounds from gilded minarets.
And as the faithful bow to God,
The sun begins to fall,
A blazing scarlet ball,
Dropping fast
Like fire from heaven.

Upon the now blackening sky
The moon and evening star appear.
Growing silvery strong,
They touch hills, sea and city
With luminous light.
Phosphorous tipped,
The waves roll gently in
And peaceful falls the night.

Catastrophe King 11 February 2007

Astounding imagery in this. You take us to the celestial journey into the night. Great write this one! !

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Sandra Fowler 07 June 2007

You are a fine imagist. I can see the sunset through your eyes. Warm regards, Sandra

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Alison Cassidy 11 February 2007

Your are an artist with words - you offer the reader a rich pallet of colours with which you paint your landscape to perfection. Beautiful. love, Allie xxxx

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Asma Bahrainwala 11 February 2007

wow... you paint a perfect picture of the beautiful landscape... i really liked your choice of words... Asma...

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Martin Zarrop 11 February 2007

Margery, I can nothing to Jack's comments, but 'More! More! ' M

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jack russell 11 February 2007

Yet another wonderfully artistic offering from you. Vibrant, eloquent, and brimful of colour. You seem to effortlessly bring life to your picture perfect surroundings. jack :)

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Margery Rehman

Glasgow, Scotland but living in Karachi, Pakistan.
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