Goodbye My Love Poem by Putri Misnia Shary Bahri

Goodbye My Love

Rating: 2.1

i carry on from loving you my heartfelt so numb how i cry out for you
i carry the love and passion which sit in felt so real but yet its gone
i felt the true behind it all untill i let you go trying to forget this feelings
what its felt like to be in love and without you how forever is gone loved you never see me crying out for you in my numb heart for you

i knew i can't ever love someone one as much as i love you so much
as much as i could ever love myself i hope you love me still why does it felt so fatal when the one who i ever loved from my soul and heart has gone forever with someone'else i hope you the very best in my prys i wish and hope she loves you more then i could ever love you so

my heartfelt so numbe and lost when i let you go i hope she love you more then i could ever love you my heartfelt so joy when you where here with me

the way you embrace me close to you the way you kiss me the way you love me like my heart never break things are slowly fading i could not love someone new who give his heart to me i can't love again like i've love you untill i let you gone its hurts me my heartfelt can't take it
how much we want to be together forever when the true has falling
Oh god forgive me and let someone love him more then i could ever do why does it felt so fatal to be in love why can't he hear me crying for him a part of me its dying

my last tears for him my last breath of lust how i wish he was my
how i wish his the one its tearing me away how much i love you till i let you go forever like we wish is no longer ther goodbye my love

to the person whom i love
p.s sathic

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