Miss Thang

Gotta Do Me - Poem by Miss Thang

My whole life has been about taking care of others
Bein someone’s daughter, sister, wife or their mother.
Sometimes I sit back and I reflect on my life
Back to when I was married and I was his wife
Back to when I had to raise my own mother
Had to take care of me, take care of my brother.
It’s always been about everyone else.
I never had time to do for my self.
So now I’m doin what I gotta do.
Doin me, no longer doin you.

I’m not gonna save you
I gotta do me.
I’m not gonna raise you
I gotta do me.
I’m not gonna wait on you
I gotta do me.
I’m not gonna hate on you
I gotta do me.

So when you caught up again, I’m not the one
I used to be your savior, but now I’m done.
I’ve been through the things you’re cryin about
I stood up like a woman and worked ‘em out.
How can you ever stand on your own two
If someone’s always around to carry you.
So I’ma love you enough to let you go.
Love you enough to tell you no.
Let you earn the things you’ve always been given.
Let you do for yourself make your own livin.
I’m not the one to hold you down
I refuse to go another round
So, I gotta take today and do for me.
I’m turning my back cause I gotta leave
You know what I’m sayin to you is true.
Don’t think I don’t love you, or that I don’t care.
But if I stay, you’ll never get there.

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, February 6, 2010

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