Grace Poem by George Herbert


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My stock lies dead and no increase
Doth my dull husbandry improve:
O let thy graces without cease
Drop from above!

If still the sun should hide his face,
Thy house would but a dungeon prove,
Thy works, night's captives: O let grace
Drop from above!

The dew doth ev'ry morning fall;
And shall the dew outstrip thy dove?
The dew, for which grass cannot call,
Drop from above.

Death is still working like a mole,
And digs my grave at each remove:
Let grace work too, and on my soul
Drop from above.

Sin is still hammering my heart
Unto a hardness, void of love:
Let suppling grace, to cross his art,
Drop from above.

O come! for thou dost know the way.
Or if to me thou wilt not move,
Remove me, where I need not say,
'Drop from above.'

Glen Kappy 04 June 2017

for me what comes across most clearly is our need for grace which, if we are aware of it, makes the repetition of drop from above entirely appropriate. herbert demonstrates in other poems that he chooses his forms carefully to fit the message, as in this one. -gk

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Edward Kofi Louis 04 June 2017

Like a mole! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Brian Jani 29 May 2014

George well done I like this poem

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George Herbert

George Herbert

Montgomery, Wales
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