Grandpa Poem by breanna wilson


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I remember as a child sitting on grandpa's knee
But look now the years have flown and that child was me.
The cookies, and candy, and buckets from mardi gras filled with beads and toys,
A trip to grandpa's house was a trip with endless joy.
The smoothness of his fragile skin the gentleness of his touch,
The way he use to laugh and smile the things I miss so much.
It's hard to say goodbye,
It hurts for us to let you go,
I wish I could have told you more that I love you so.
A part of me is missing now that you are gone.
I'll do my best to make you proud,
So well wipe our tears and carry on.

Barbara Terry 22 May 2008

Breanna this is a wonderful tribute to your grandpa. I know he is smiling on you right now, and is there if you need someone to talk to, just like he was there in life. All of these fond memories here and more that you shared with your grandpa, Breanna, will live on forever in your heart. I know it hurts to lose a loved one, but your grandpa was a man of laughter, of joy, of high spirits, and he knew his time would come, but he also doesn't want you to be sorry he is gone, but be glad that he is in a much better place with our Lord, and that he watches over you and your family. This poem touched my heart Breanna, because it was written with fondeness of the memories, and love for your grandpa. I give you a perfect 10 for this, and thank you for sharing. One other thing, in the last line you have 'well' and I think it should be 'we'll'. Love & hugs, Barbara

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