Grandpa, What Is Love Poem by Jim Yerman

Grandpa, What Is Love

"Grandpa...what is love? " His grandson asked with wonderment in her eyes.
"You ask a question with many answers." His Grandpa said. "Let me try and clarify."

"Love is like the moon." he said."It softly enchants our gazes…Its light is strong…its light is infinite…yet…it goes through many stages."

"Love is like the sun...ablaze and fiery hot…It can be loud and bright and in many ways it is everything the moon is not."

"Love is like the wind…invisible and sweet…it can enter like a summer breeze…or knock you off your feet."

"Love is like a's beauty…heaven-made…It supplies us with the air we breathe,
and the comfort of its shade."

"When the leaves begin to fall as the autumn winds begin to blow…trees remind us…part of love…is also letting go.

"Love is like the ocean…it constantly flows upon our shore…and no matter how much water it contains…there is always room for more.

"Love is like this flower…its beauty and aroma can fill a room…and like a flower love needs love if it is ever going to bloom."

When he paused to think about all he'd said…all the words he'd been combining…he wasn't sure his grandson understood all the love he was defining.

"But as complicated as love can be…" he smiled, "it can be simple too…as simple as how my heart beats faster whenever I'm with you.

This said…his grandson's face lit up…then he took his grandpa's hand…both glad that Grandpa found the words to make his grandson understand.

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