Granny's Songbook (Song Written 30 Years Ago) Poem by Kathleen West

Granny's Songbook (Song Written 30 Years Ago)

Rating: 3.0

I will always remember my granny
She was a woman in her own right, and loved by many
She was a woman of great strength and pride
With a character all her own, and she took things in stride

At the age of three, she lost her leg
But do you think that would slow her down?
No, she lived her life full, with one leg or two
And probably did more in her lifetime, than normal people do

Now my granny she had a great voice
And her hobby was writing down songs of her choice
They told the stories of war and love gone bad
But don't get me wrong they weren't all sad

It told the stories of Ireland and families
How beautiful and can an old book be?
To hold the memories of all these things
For everyone to see

I love that old book with it's pages now yellowed
But even with age the stories aren't mellowed
It has a dignity somehow, some way
And it will pass from generation to generation, to my kids some day

Mary Naylor 26 October 2008

I loved your poem, and it was very well crafted. You must treasure the memory of your grandmother!

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Fay Slimm 09 October 2008

Thank you for introducing Granny to us. This rings out it's warm family love and I am quite sure that the example Granny gave you will last your own life through, as it echoes in your own poems. First rate verse. 10

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Emily Oldham 17 September 2008

Brings back memories... thanks

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Greenwolfe 1962 30 August 2008

The only question here, was whether to give this a nine or a ten. I thought that since there were some pretty good rhymes init, that it deserved a ten. That's because I can't help believing that even today, Granny's book is still making music in the rhymes of her granddaughter. GW62

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