Great Britain Poem by Jonathan Goldman a.k.a JGthepoet

Great Britain

Rating: 5.0

We want to go ~ drive on and on,
And from this Land be free,
See other Lands and People too,
But we are surrounded by the Sea.

The only way to leave this Land,
Is by Boat, or Air, or Die,
For raging tides surround this Land,
So I'll stay until my End is nigh.

This beautiful and pleasant Land,
Which I do call My Home,
Where I have lived all my Life,
And from where I don't wish to roam.

A Land fertile and of History full,
Of Peoples from around The World,
Living, Working, Playing here,
In Summers hot and Winters cold.

The Young, the Old, the Well, the Sick,
Live together in this Country fair,
And although there are Places yet to see,
Great Britain is my Home ~ my Lair.

Copyright (c) Jonathan Goldman [JGthepoet] - 23 August 2006

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