E Nigma

~half Orphan~ - Poem by E Nigma

A crime of passion embraced
When he looked upon her face
The laws will not stop this change
The moment he's about to take

And can we just be honest
That beyond any knowledge
You see there's another one so brave

This wave crashes with a promise
The stars will not give sway
The seed carried is paid homage
But not all have taken to this way

So death carry her far away
Cloak her in a shroud of darkened ways
The child has a vision of change
He peers out through her gaze

A couple she finds for him to raise
Deconstructed and about to journey
He may remember so wipe his memory clean
A mother's tears fall, creating a gentle stream
Goodbye my son as she sends him on his way

Now It's apparent these parents are only part me
My inheritance stripped away

One night I remember the grey
It's visit surreal but so vague

It wore Orion's belt around it's waist
Gripped me in fear as it tried to lay waste
That moment shattered, when I focused my way
My true form I did take

In absolute horror the truth was seen
In terror it trembled while trying to flee
I collapsed in fragments not ready for that change
But ready or not that change was made

I grow as I try to remember
I know because I piece together my being

Topic(s) of this poem: THinking

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, March 7, 2015

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