Happy Birthday Ali Poem by Dr Shamim Ali

Happy Birthday Ali

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Happy birthday, my dear husband Ali,
In this moment, let us pause and reflect,
On the years we've shared, the memories we've made,
Each day is a testament to our deep bond.

You, my steadfast rock, my constant guide,
Through trials and joys, your presence is a light,
With every smile, every whispered word,
You've etched your love into my very soul.

Today, we celebrate the man you are,
Kind and wise, with a heart open wide,
Your strength and patience, virtues to admire,
In your embrace, I find my peace and home.

May this day bring you joy and laughter bright,
Surrounded by those who hold you most dear,
For in your happiness, my heart is glad,
In your laughter, I find my delight.

Together we've journeyed, side by side we've grown,
In love and life, our paths forever twined,
So here's to you, my love, on this special day,
Happy birthday, my dear husband Ali.

Sylvia Frances Chan 11 June 2024

A gracious Birthday poem for your beloved spouse Ali, created by a clever wife, a postgraduate. Be happy constantly with your beloved husband, Dr. Shamim! TFS this precious Birthday poem.5 Stars

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