Happy Birthday To My Dear Son Poem by umaprosad das

Happy Birthday To My Dear Son

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On 18th October, ‘Happy Birthday to you, our dear son'
God gifted an incredible asset like you in our possession
We pray to God for your peace and prosperity and His favor
Be your career crowned with success in each of your endeavor
Be your life honored with glory and fame, fulfilled in pleasure
Devote your life to people let them consider you a treasure
Listen to your conscience, Humanity is, in fact, the best quality
Gives you happiness, satisfaction, ecstasy, peace, and tranquillity
Blessings from Parents

Sunday, October 18, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: blessing,happiness,humanity
Khairul Ahsan 19 October 2020

Parents' blessings are the best assets in one's life. Your son is so lucky to have yours! My best wishes for your son and 'Happy Birthday' to him! 16th October was my son's birthday. I prayed for him too, but didn't compose a poem. For the clarity of expression and simplicity of thoughts, I rate this poem with maximum, 5*****.

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Umaprosad Das 22 October 2020

Dear Mr. Khairul, I'm extremely happy to read your comments and your blessings for my son and your best wishes for him. I also pray God bless your son. Happy Birthday to him. I'm sorry to reply you late as at present I'm not feeling well. I could not visit this site regularly. Thanks for your comments and ratings. It gives me enough inspiration to come and visit this site. Thanks a lot.

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