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Hard And Soft Times Anytime, Anywhere, And Everywhere

Our whole days are entirely Divided into into two days only Simply because that's the way With them anytime... There is a day that sides with us And there is another that sides against us... They days are entirely hard and soft In all that they contain... The soft time are felt a little bit, but Those hard times are greatly felt... A few feel those soft times For ever and ever, but The majority feel other than that... Hard times prey on us like a monster while Soft times are felt like a passing cloud... We live amid those hard times Just to be or to be not... A few live entirely amid that Smooth life for ever and ever... We entirely sink in those hard times' ugly Pits just to go on in those hellish days... Time takes us away where We are trodden hard with everyone and Even with everything... ______________________________________________________________________

Hard And Soft Times Anytime, Anywhere, And Everywhere
Sunday, December 27, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: lifestyle
Aarzoo Mehek 27 December 2015

Time flies, time doesn't wait for anyone, good times bad times are there with us up-to certain time. Enduring it patiently in bad times and rejoicing in good times will give us strength to move ahead in life. Nice thought.

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