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I developed a penchant interest in literature when I was seventeen. English, Hindi and Urdu are the languages I write in.
My work has appeared in Narrow Road, Poetry Hunter and in scores of English, Hindi and Urdu journals and newspapers along with a few anthologies.
My poems have also been broadcast by the BBC Radio.
I'm known to be an empathet ...

Aarzoo Mehek Poems

A Rose

I'm a white rose pure and innocent
Pluck me not for your momentary pleasures
Crush me not to be found after years
In the books among the shelves

It's My Heart!

I realised!
there is no place
as beautiful and secure
as my own heart.


Wandering in the the valley of love
Listening to the rustling of autumn leaves
Absorbing the occult dewdrops of solitude
Singing along with the birds

The Master Mind!

We think only We've a manipulative mind
Above us all there is super calculative mind
Who can juggle our life with his mastermind
And still gives a chance to repent and be kind

I Walk Alone...!

I smile till it starts to look fake
I laugh till my heart aches

I crave for my unfulfilled dreams

Aarzoo Mehek Quotes

28 December 2015

Life is not that difficult to live, if only one has the zest to conquer all the hurdles and smile in the midst of pain. © Aarzoo Mehe

28 December 2015

I'am the sea You are my ocean In you lies My salvation! ©Aarzoo Mehek

28 December 2015

Be a mystery, let the world decipher the tidings of your heart, the twinkle of your eyes and that magical smile. © Aarzoo Mehek

28 December 2015

If we fall into the pit of blame-game then it's a never ending battle with self...We only have control on ourselves, so the best thing to do is change the perceptions, change the way we look at things and change the way we react to people's unreasonable behavior. It's only WE who can make the difference in life. So just be the change you want to see in your life. Take complete responsibility for your life, including your relationships. © Aarzoo Mehek

06 February 2016

To attain the heights of spirituality, kill the animal spirit and search for God in the paradise of heart. ©Aarzoo Mehek

Aarzoo Mehek Comments

M Asim Nehal 30 January 2016

Ms. Aarzoo Mehek, Like her name she is versatile poetess, to write about her is to show a flickering flame to the light of the sun. Imageries in her poems are amazing and awesome. Four lines are dedicated to her: I wish I had the pen to write about you my poet friend your passion, your love and your imaginations, unbounded. I want this world to know how you see beautiful things around But I don't have the words nor the meter to fit your rhymes. May ALLAH fulfill her dreams and bless her with writing poweress.

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Mithilesh Yadav 10 February 2016

Khusiyan kya hai? Kuch beparwaha chidiyon ki chehak hai... Gulistan kya hai? Kuch kaliyon ki kuch khiley Huey phulon ki khusboo hai...... Faristey kya hai? Kuch imandaar nek bandon ki pehal hai..... Kavita kya hai? Kuch adhuri kuch puri AARZOO ki MEHAK hai...... God bless your pen to write true and good always....

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Unnikrishnan E S 27 September 2016

Aarzoo Mehek is a gifted poet, who has an exquisite Qalaam, and writes beautiful ghazals, with deep insight into the human life and emotions. Her ghazals exude such philosophical observations, that captivate the heart of the reader. And of course, ghazals are to be rendered in music, which is true to hers too. Her English poems are a class apart. Disarmingly beautiful (Oh! this comment is not about the poet; Of course, she IS) are her English write. They are of very high poetic standard. Inimitable style and choice of vocabulary, emotive force and imagery make them dear to one's heart.

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Akhtar Jawad 26 February 2016

Although Aarzoo Mehek is a versatile poetess but her Urdu ghazals are one of the best modern ghazals. I rate her very high and I wish I could write a ghazal in her singular style.

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Nosheen Irfan 25 February 2016

Writing comes naturally to Aarzoo. Her poetry comes from the heart and speaks to the heart. She is a refreshing feminine voice, expressing a woman's deepest feelings on love, life, loss, pain, solitude, God, etc. Her beautiful soul is reflected in her poetry. She is not just one woman, she is the voice of all women. She is truly my soul-sister and reading her poetry is always a pleasure and a learning experience. I wish her the best in life. Keep writing n inspiring my friend.

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Rajnish Manga 07 January 2021

I am really sorry for not being in a position to read your latest poems. This could be the result of change in PH format. There are no email notification. May be they will restore the facility in future. Wishing you all the very best in New Year 2021.

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I am fascinated by the name Aarzoo. It gives me the feeling of a spiritual yearning or quest. Aarzoo is a beautiful Poetess who writes with passion and depth. Her poems fill us with joy and romantic beauty. I look forward to reading all her wonderful poems. Dear Poetess Aarzoo, with lots of love and warm wishes for a bright future.

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Rajnish Manga 18 July 2020

We are pleased to see Aarzoo Mehek back and contributing regularly. Her poems reflect her maturity, brevity, clarity and positivity plus an effortless flow of words and images. Even a complex thought is expressed with immaculate falicity. My sincere thanks and good wishes.

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Rajnish Manga 05 August 2017

It is not very often that we come across good poetry. I have read quite a number of poems of Aarzoo Mehek and feel myself lucky for the same. Apart from her diction, her choice and treatment of the subject and above all her intense expression based on her own experience and deep study of human nature make her poetry so true to life. I hope she is well and resumes her creative journey soon.

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Khairul Ahsan 12 December 2016

Aarzoo is a spiritual poetess. Her poetry contain the philosophies of life. I wish her Godspeed!

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