Hard To Stay Behind Poem by Bulent Karaalioglu

Hard To Stay Behind

Aydin Abim(1938- 2021)
The sun is bright, as if to stay away from pain
The sun burns in me with weeping
and my insides burn and freeze.
Bright as light and clear as water.
The nocturnal visitor is a dark judgement
Today there is an eternal seal on our pain

His name is as bright as he is.
It's a pity she has to leave on such a sunny day.
When the princess of the house took my sister away from me.
I was eleven or twelve.
In my mind (I don't call you brother-in-law, I call you brother) I thought he would give up.

I gave an elder sister, an elder brother and two nephews and family ties.
My brother left on a sunny day.
Clouds and days went one after the other.

Before 1980
Blood in politics, bullets in the air
The pistol jammed until yesterday.
The late bullet stopped his heart.
As if the bullet had found its place, it hit us in the heart and in the heart.

How many graves and memories I've accumulated.
Erich Marie Remarque 'Nothing on the Western Front again'
Nothing but memories again
It's hard to stay behind. With every death in my family, I said it was the end.

Death is not an illusion.
It's the illusion of life.
I was wrong, the end will end with me.
My heart, dig my grave deep. It's hard to stay behind.

Wind south level 2
25.February 2021/ Thursday
14.33 hours

Hard To Stay Behind
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