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a woman's face wears many masks
her precious secrets to conceal
so a man may sit and ponder
if what he sees is truly real

i envy the woman whose lips
your ample mouth has gently kissed
whose very look enslaves your soul
i ponder yet all i have missed

my heart is strongly set
to do what good i can do
and when i leave this world
i hope to have made a difference

i do not know my strength
nor see myself as other people do
i can not be all things
to others or please all for

i delight in
days like today
when we are alone
alone together

momma, don't be angry
is it something that we did
momma, don't ignore us
as we climb on top your bed


dance dance dance
it's time for
a little romance
chance chance chance

they say pride comes
before the fall
who will be there for you
if there is anyone at all

Women bleed while
men eat ice cream...
and other things
to get over someone...

the sun, the sun
the sun will rise
just like always
i'll wake, i'll wake

wanton women
with wicked ways
want what weary women
wish wouldn't wander

i am a woman
of words and
though you can not
hear me speak them

I've found a friend in nature
although nature could turn on me
if i'm out and about in a storm
and its lightning strikes me

each summer i go to paris to write
and each trip i make you greet me
as though you haven't seen me in ages
then you tell me i get more beautiful


there is evil in the powder room
there is evil lurking in the halls
there's evil everywhere you look
it even pentrates the walls

there is something about the ocean
that brings out the earth-mother in me
it is a place i love to go to write or
to ponder life's mysteries

if God has made
everything beautiful
in its' time
then you are beautiful

i see things clearly
and yet i am called a dreamer
yes, i am a poet who sees things
only another poet can see

they like to see us smile
no doubt
they like us cheerful

drinking a beer
and wishing i
was anywhere
but where i am

Faith Elizabeth Brigham Biography

I was born in Pittsburgh, PA, the third of seven girls. I'm certain I was in love with words by the time I was five years old. The first thing I ever wrote was a Christmas play for my fifth grade class in parochial school. The following year, I won first place in my sixth grade poetry class' contest. In high school, I joined the school newspaper staff and was the editor for the school literary magazine, which I entitled 'Eclat', my senior year. I became a professional writer in December,1974 when Lucerne Publishing Company bought my poem about a small town christmas parade. Since that time, my poetry has been published both on and off line. Some of my work has appeared in Poet Magazine, Wide-Open Magazine, By-Line, Cableweek, Alley Cat Magazine and other have been published by Seminole Community College, Southern Poetry Association, Catharsis and the American Poetry Association. I was also a regular writer for 'The Mission Quest' in which my articles on quality management were well received. My collection of published works is show cased on my personal poetry website 'The Poetry Of Faith Elizabeth Brigham' at http: // I also have a writers homepage at 'Thinker Net'. I performed my first poetry reading in the early 90's at Seminole Community College in Sanford, Florida and later went on to host an open-mic poetry series at 'Lynn-Marie's Coffee House' in Cocoa, Florida during the winter of 1995. Poets I admire the most are Lawrence Ferlinghetti, e.e. cummings, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Bob Dylan and Kris Kristofferson. My favorite authors include John Irving, Evan Hunter, and Joan Didion.)

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A Woman's Face Wears Many Masks

a woman's face wears many masks
her precious secrets to conceal
so a man may sit and ponder
if what he sees is truly real

he's a very clear-headed man
who takes his time and sets his goal
he's sure to see the masks diverge
as he taps on the door to her soul

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Jay M 12 September 2015


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Adryan Barnathan 30 April 2006

Oh yeah, with a name like can we not love you? Keep your poetic self in tune, because all your readers know you've got your finger on the pulse ~

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Will Barber 30 April 2006

I loved your poem. Please keep on writing - and Thank You VeryMuch for your comments on my own poem. You are lovely, and very talented.

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Mary Nagy 07 October 2005

Faith, I've been reading through your poems and I really love them. You are very talented. I look forward to reading more from you. Sincerely, Mary

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, , , 01 December 2004

very lovely work, indeed,

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