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Hate Is...

Rating: 2.8

Hate is a feeling that boils with rage.
Hate is a feeling you lose with age.
Hate is a feeling that eats inside.
Hate is a feeling we all should hide.
Hate is the feeling we dont understand.
Hate is the feeling of losing our stand.
Hate is the feeling of a thing called fear.
Hate is the feeling that hurts in here.
Hate is a feeling that grows some more.
Hate is a feeling, what good is it for?

Hate is a feeling that you have too.
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Lauren Rosina 16 March 2015

Everyone can relate to this poem because everyone hates.

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Jasmine Ellis 22 December 2006

everything fell together in this poem u brought out wut wuz in me thx....your a great writer

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Jeffrey Hatcher 08 October 2006

I felt skeptical of the list/roster format at first. Seemed amateurish. Then I thought about how much easier it is to hate things when they are in a checklist. The people who hate sometimes seem to catalog grievances, so I now appreciate the format. Liked the 'losing our stand'...very a propos to the last five years. Not too sure that hate's a good thing to hide necessarily. More important not to act upon it rather than hide it in every instance.

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Cayla Kubinski 11 May 2006

who was that dedicated 2?

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