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A Cut To Deep

Rating: 4.6

Out of my cut the blood will creap
on my knees I begin to weap
watchin the blood fall over my arm
washing away all the harm
everyday I do the same
to take away all the pain
within every cut comes such relief
I know I shouldn't have such a belief
but it takes away the fear
of ever hurting you my dear

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Tonya Buck 09 October 2012

I absolutely love reading your poems. They always touch me, move me in some way. This is a good explanation of the anguish you dealing with. I just wish I would have chose to read it at a different time. It made me very sad, and put idea's in my head that I don't want. Thank you for sharing Kev.

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John Tiong Chunghoo 23 April 2006

you use very apt comparisons to show your anguish. good poem.

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Rachael Hardy 21 April 2006

honestly......a poem can tell alot about the poet........even though i find this poem creepy in a sense its also deep....keep it up

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