Gianna Jett

Haunted Moon-Star Mega Crush - Poem by Gianna Jett

Whisper wishes throughout the night
Tell the moon to keep you safe tonight
Twilight's promises find you well
Legends of the legacies will be told
Token of their souls forever sold
Minds, bodies, and souls to be captured
Through the essence of Immortal love raptured
Granting you everything upon your sweetest dreams
Something is nothing that it seems
I will be the one that once used the wind
And I will be your midnight muse just like you remember
Time comes when you no longer know if you're awake
Moments when it is your breath that I take
Through the essence of your own Immortal love I have raptured you
It was your own mind, body, and soul that I have captured
I have left diamonds in your eyes
With broken beating hearts by your side
Ripped from the ones that you have drowned
Bathes you in the bleeding blood that you've found
I will be your legendary dream come true
Of all things left unknown and unseen
You were the one that had chosen me after all this time
Through your mind and body, it is your soul that I have captured
Essence of your Immortal love for me I have taken and raptured
As my own I took you in and made you a star
I whispered wishes unto your minds
I told the moon all of your secrets
Promises of your soul it finds
For the twilight star never forgets

Legends of me were taken as tokens
As my legacies began to speak
Your bodies hearing every word spoken
Upon your dreams becoming weak
Queen of the hearts that you have broken
With all the promises below their feet
Then all was soon forgotten
As they escaped your dreams
For one last song in the wind
I was the midnight muse left unseen
Becoming your Moon-Star once again

She Always told me that I would grow up to be a star
Now that she's gone I haven't even traveled very far
I can still see them pointing and hear them all laughing at me
Why couldn't the world see me for what she could always see
Sweet symphony of the melody about a love song that could never live
I thought that it all would've changed by now so you can see what I can give
But what I have for the world is leaving
Trapped upon a vortex called earth that keeps me from believing
Wish I could escape upon a star to be with the moon
I can only dream of the place where I know I belong in the presence of the moon
Behind the gates of darkness there is an entity within me that breathes
One who uses my body to keep her alive in the cool of the midnight breeze
Breathing in my skin for the first time each time that I die
Drying every tear drop of your blood that I bleed when I cry
Salty tastes in their mouths when the rain bleeds
It is my bloodbourne birthright for you all to be flooded by my creed
Am I going to save the world that wouldn't save me
Remember when they all walked out on me leaving me lonely
How could I ever be the one that got away
When they are the ones that ran from me day after day
Never knowing who I truly was on the inside
Now they are looking at me through the broken mirrors from the outside
They were once all more than willing to let me go
Throughout my torn dreams, yet they now tell me that it isn't so
I know that it wasn't all inside my own mind
Who is it now that you intend to find
As I run and hide from inside the moments that they all came
How is it that you could forget me in the past and couldn't even remember my name
Now you all see me for who I always was as I'm rushing in
I feel the cracking in the earth beneath their bones crushing
I am more than what they all had thought back then
Their souls and beauty have long faded as the air is getting too thin
Unable to breathe will I break the spell
Do you think it will be my true legacies that they will tell
Forget me not and never forget who I am as I live upon the future
For it is all of their minds, bodies, and souls that I have captured
May they be raptured from the dust which I once came
Let it be written from the rain of my own blood in my name
Will you hate me or will you love me in the end
I ask that you will either forget of forgive me when I deny that you were ever my friend
After all this time as I traveled between galaxies and have come this far
The day finally came that she was always right and the world saw me as their only star
Upon the moon I am where I always belonged and it was exactly like she had always said
I am the one they think of from the time that they wake up until the time they go to bed
Feel my thunder even in your dreams and kiss me goodnight in the middle of the storm's rush
Dream of me within the midnight moon of your evermore Haunted
Moon-Star Mega Crush

Topic(s) of this poem: immortality

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, November 18, 2015

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