Izzy A Tripper

Have You Ever?

Have you ever been traveling
In the country somewhere,
When all of a sudden
You had to stop and just stare,
At a creation of beauty
Of Mother Nature's delight,
That just took your breath
From the very first sight?
Have you ever heard music
So sweet and so fair,
That it made your heart
Feel lighter than air?
And wasn't the melody
So delicious to hear,
That you tasted it's sweetness
Inside of your ear?
Have you ever been on
A roller coaster ride?
One that made you
Feel all tickly inside?
And didn't it just take you 
Straight to the top?
And once you got started,
You could never stop?
Have you ever launched up
Like a rocket ship,
Done a triple somersault
Double back-over flip,
Then landed like a cat
With both feet on the ground,
With your heart still in orbit
At the speed of sound?
Well then...
If that's happened to you
Then you'll know how I felt,
When I first saw you
And I thought I would melt.
I've never believed
In love at first sight,
But since I met you
I think that I might!

Poem Submitted: Sunday, March 18, 2012

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