He Cried

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There were three thousand plus,
who entered the gates in heaven.
Unsure how or why,
their lives on earth had ended.
they looked around,
a quickness racing through their minds.
Then all at once they saw him,
he sat there,
and he cried.
Down below the rain flowed,
from every cloud in they skies.
On that day,
God sat there.
He sat there and he cried.
He cried for every child,
abused, hurt and unloved.
For every old person,
neglected, unfed, beaten down or shoved.
For every jew,
and their days of pain.
For suicide bombers,
and the martyrs they claim.
He cried for the mommies,
who grieve their dying child.
For every cancer,
missed when it was mild.
For all the wars,
declared in his name.
For all the eternities,
that turned towards the flames.
All at once he stood,
arms open wide for all around.
And said,
'I weep,
for my children on the ground.
For those who have chosen,
destruction and pain,
it's for all who feel it,
that my tears may rain,
right now they fall,
covering two mounds.'
And we then understood,
what we saw on that ground.
With that he turned,
cradled us all to his heart.
I never knew,
rain could come from that part.
It was really God when he would look down,
seeing us broken apart,
loss all around.
It was from the sadness,
that sometimes,
came with such power.
Like that day in September,
when we lost the two towers.
So next time it rains,
take note and believe,
what man's doing to each other,
Makes him sit there and grieve.
The rain that your feeling,
are the tears from his eyes.
Too many people are willing to die.
unable to love,
to live and forgive.
To see what he's given us,
and how precious it is.


Gabriella Franco 04 September 2006

beautiful! i feel this one and wholly agree... This poem touched me. bravo! Gabriela

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