Alyssa Lynn

He Promised - Poem by Alyssa Lynn

He promised he’d catch her when she fell, I guess he missed. He promised he’d fight for her, I guess he didn’t know how to throw a punch. He promised her he’d chase her, he let her walk away. He promised he’d never hurt her, he lied. She loved him, but she never understood why. She stayed as long as she did, because she loved him. She broke it off because there was no way she was going to love a boy with a girl on the side. He only wanted to get in her pants, she wanted so much more. She always wonders what could’ve happened if he got what he wanted. She’s single again, and she’s starting to think maybe it’s a sign. He is now happily with the girl he kissed instead of her. The girl he chose. In the back of her head she thinks maybe it was for the best, tell you a secret she told me… she always thought something was off when she was with the boy. She thought maybe she made a mistake that maybe she was with the wrong boy, but she’d never admit it to herself. Till now, now that all the words have been said, all the lines have been read. He told her she was his whole world, he let his “whole world” go. She can’t help but be bitter, he broke her heart, but she still has a small ounce of hope that one day she’ll find a boy. Who will promise that he’ll catch her, and she’ll land in his arms. Who will fight for her and know how to throw a punch. Who will chase her, and run after her if she tries to get away. And if he hurts her, he’ll make it up to her someday. She wants a boy who she can love, and know why she loves him so. She wants a boy who will respect her views, her morals, respect her for everything she is. She wants a boy who she can be with and understand why everything happens for a reason. Why things didn’t work out with any other boys.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, January 31, 2010

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