Healing Autumn Poem by Sabahat Batool

Healing Autumn

O thou, the sacred hymn of leaves!
Who play their silent tunes on earth
Those deepest wounds that time can't heal
They may be healed by thy grey breathe
O Thou the charmer, who Thee saith!
Thou second name of vale of death

The boats of leaves in lakes that float
They singth in autumn winds with glee
O lady Fall in Thy wood boat!
The hues of dawn and dusk board free

Peasants in their fields are working
In Thy richly harvest season
Birds in shades and scents are lurking
Coldish nip of thine is reason
Cuckoo sings in blooms of poppies
Magic magic in his lyres
O Thou mighty Autumn season!
Singing birds are Thy live wires

Leafless trees as guard of Eden
Standing by the townlet channel
Lakes with reddish sedge are laden
See in awe them, ocean fanal
Leaves are red as beacons fire
All they fly on marsh and mire

Autumn sweet, Thy breath enkindle
Lamps of shrines and scent between them
Planes of sky on earth they dwindle
In the fleets of leaves
thou seen them
Roaming roaming wailing wailing
Then they fail as I'm failing!

In the yards and green they flying
Kiss They earth and fell then dying
Woodland lass by hut is sobbing
While my Ruth is picking cotton
Shadows all come veiled and leaden
With Thy puffs and gusts O Autumn!

Sheaves of grain with eyes laden
On the golden grass they lying
Robins singing, birds are chirping
Winds in Heath and green are whistling
In The temp of nature goddess
Sat and heave all kneeling Autumn

Autumn queen with wind Thou singth
Yarns of olden days on lyre
In Heath and mead such hues thou bringth
Which set hearts of all on fire
Autumn queen in breathe of thine
Blooms are withering bird are whistling
Soul of earth mingled with Mine
Walks on ways as I'm walking

Healing Autumn
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