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With words and vows
Of friends and foes
In each and every matter
I vow by lord

He said that one day we will meet
When pheasants with them moon will bring
When birds make nests in depth of sea
When dead ones stand and chant and sing

I'm an ancient believer
And I believe on Mighty' s will
Who rules on earth and heaven high
And write the destiny Book with quill


Oh misty shadow stop a while
I think thee I can recognize!
Thou float with clouds in every vale
With thousand notes in thousand guise

Soul of love and soul of peace
Somewhere on heavens interwine
With grief, on earth their lips were freeze
In heart of sky they breath and shine

O Thou the beauteous lofty fort!
O ancient manse O royal court!
O land of beauteous holy dream!
Thou art a shield of mortal mort

One winter eve, I stopped by wood
To cool that burning heart of mine
In nature's bosom, that one should

Farewell to thee, farewell my soul
My weeping eyes now cannot see
Thou to thy haunted room can tell!
That thou forever dwell with me!

Which dream is floating in thine eyes?
Why tears thou shed in darkish night?
A flickering flame of hope art thou
For aching hearts a mirthful sight

The dusky eve in country meads
In rainy weather rainy day
All trees were standing stony still
While kids in street with boats they play


I am
I'm the writer of my yarn
I am the painter of my doom
Thousands of phantoms here me warn

In moonlit night, in silver shine
From heavens I in this world peep
In my soul silver intervine
With body on the earth it leap


Thou airy ship, thou whitish mist!
Thou float on ocean and the dale

Death is blind, It can't see age
With gust of wind, took knave and sage
It roams so free, in mirth and Glee

I saw the lady moon in sky
She peeped in lakes and float on high
She perched on softish throne of gales

Flute of life sing, sing in winter
Sing of scented days of summer
Sing thou flute! sing midst of Autumn
Songs of larks and wrens and seagulls

Rail Road
O track, thou clad in colors of eve
In heart of meadow there thou lay
In trees in bush, birds peep in awe

In heart of dell and meadow green
I see the phantoms of the past
O Thou that in the heart do dwell!
O Thou the First, O Thou the Last!

Yester years shine
On heart screen as dew kisses
Blooms in morning

O thou, the sacred hymn of leaves!
Who play their silent tunes on earth
Those deepest wounds that time can't heal
They may be healed by thy grey breathe

Eden Verse Biography

Born in Badomalhi Narowal) area in a Hamlet surrounded by gushing streams where daffodils bloom throughout the years as if in eternal spring. Got education from best institutes of Pakistan by the help of my sweetest uncle, got degree of Mphil Linguistics and MSc Gender and now teaching as an English lecturer)

The Best Poem Of Eden Verse


With words and vows
Of friends and foes
In each and every matter
I vow by lord
From Eden Yard
I'll write thee a letter

Of eves of blooms
In hues of glooms
In morning dew
In hovering dooms
In world and heavens matter
I'll write thee a letter

I'll ask dawn and dusky hues
To write a letter
On the waves
For centuries waited
I on shore
And searched thee
In the woodland caves
No answer came
, No answer came
With quills of clouds and teary ink
To thee I write a letter

Will thou me tell
O gloomy bells
Have ever seen
Thou in the world
The one who keys of heaven sells
If you can't see
If you can't sell
Then I'll tell you better
I will write thee a letter

Of all the gloom
In sunken heart
Which broken dream
Thy soul hath fraught
What God in Book
On heavens wrought
In each and every matter
I'll write thee a letter

Eden Verse Comments

Eden Verse Quotes

Life is a journey coming out of the foggy gloom of one night and proceeding onward to the dusky hue of an other cloudy night.

Love_ is a revelation from Lord unto the hearts of those He has chosen, The sacred, holy and the pure ones.

Happiness is but a mirage in the desert of human emotions.

There ain't any laughter in the world that is not followed by tears

Smile is a key which opens the lock of hearts.

Nature can heal those deepest wounds that no worldly balms can cure

Smiling eyes hide the deepest scars

Sleep is the best antidote against the sting of sorrow

Silence is the best conversation between the two who love

Death is the first chapter of the world mystery

It floats in several garbs with thee This soul of mine with soul of thine

Life is a mingled yarn of mirth and melancholy leading unto the fog of mystery

Colors are beautiful no doubt. But the most beautiful hue is the hue of Lord.

Dreams are elixer for parched lips, they render beats to aching hearts, with their everlasting melodies

Nature is a glue which binds fragments of broken hearts.

Compassion is a Divine feeling in heart which soothe wuthering souls with Love.

Frost enthralls the soul which flies enshrouded in whitish mist, frosty scene and frosty lips create the best ever melodies

Intuition Intuition is an invisible angel which leads us unto the channels selected for us by Divine Hands

Happiness is a flickering light of glow worm life's night of waning moon.

Moonlit nights compose unheard melodies for souls dipped in thousands of blooms

Love is a cataract that produces forever green melodies on the pipes of sincere hearts.

Intuition is a Divine Hand carrying a candle leading us unto the right channels

Nature creates everlasting melodies for human hearts with its orchestra of wind and waterfalls

Silence is the best ever friend which soothes more than words

Silence is the best way to understand the myths of the universe

In this world of Devils and Demons, fairies vanish

Death is a sweltering wind that takes with its gusts scented blooms lives while thorns smile on branches of life

Flights of thought takes us into the castles of glee far from the madding crowd

We are all the cast of A great Drama, directed and written by the creator of the world

Our pen scribbles the tales of the realms where our soul dwells

We are the visitors on this earth stopped for a while to take breath but in this interval we forgot our destination

Oblivion is an antidote for all the poisons that kills us before death

Death is but a hibernation till the arrival of spring scent along with the gusts Of Divine call

Best life is to live according to the will of God

Souls pine for the souls whom they lost in ways in their journey to Earth

Our heavenly souls recognize their fragments scattered like sun gold sands on the shores of worlds ocean

Sorrow is a litmus of our soul and reflects the true colors hidden underneath

Sorrows leads us unto the channels of patience and contentment

Our pen takes us unto the velvety realms not trodden by the feet of time

Pen is the Friend of heart whose flight is often hindered by the winds of worldly wisdom

Love and wisdom can't survive together. Channels of Divine love start where the ways of wisdom stop

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