Heart, A Ghazal Poem by Ravi Kopra

Heart, A Ghazal

Rating: 5.0

He can't live without you, you stole his heart
He loves you, loves you, deep down in his heart

He loved her, she left him for her ex lover
Her deception, unbearable, aches his heart

He was a foodie, he loved ladoo and barfi
His LDL went high and clogged his heart

He became breathless, his face turned pale
He asked the EMT what was wrong with his heart

'Blockage of heart arteries, I think, ' he replied
'Don't worry, the doctor will fix your heart'

He was forty, had high unchecked BP
Suddenly he died clutching his heart

Friends sent condolences to his wife
Sent love too with emojis of heart

'If you love me truly, admit it openly, ' said Ravi
'Don't flirt with me, it will kill my heart.'

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