Three Kisses Poem by Ravi Kopra

Three Kisses

Rating: 4.8

That scented oil perfume
rubbed on me when I held you close to me
this morning in the garden and gave you
three long kisses of love.

You were standing still with your eyes closed
when I cupped your beautiful face
suddenly your face turned red
your whole body shook and you said:

Soft waves of warmth are overtaking me
never have I ever felt like this before
I feel my life is beginning...

The fragrance of those scents is still with me
I am not washing myself, nor taking a shower
I want to sleep with your scents tonight
to have you all night in my dreams.

Saturday, October 7, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: kiss,love,scent
Kumarmani Mahakul 07 October 2017

Soft waves of warmth are overtaking with the fragrance of three wonderful kisses. You are wise in expression. Amazing poem this is...10

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Ravi Kopra 17 October 2017

Mahakul Sahib, thanks for your comment.

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Akhtar Jawad 26 November 2017

The fragrance of feelings are still with the poet He is not feeling anything else, he has stopped the fleeting of his mind He has confined himself to a bed room, waiting for the moonlit night to have his sweetheart all night in his dreams.....................................Ravi Kopra, I love your poems.

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Ravi Kopra 26 November 2017

Akhtar bhai sahib, thanks for your kind comment and for showing your liking for my poems. Your poetry is remarkable too. I translated and posted another of your poems. However, I could not find your Ghazal AAp Ayay at your poetry page after I posted its translation. I wanted to attach a link of your poem to my posting as suggested by mahashya Manga sahib. Did you delete your ghazal? Khush Amdid.

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Bharati Nayak 29 March 2021

Love being a universal feeling, the first feelings of love have a lasing imprint on memory.A great poem of love, soft and beautiful ! Thank you for your kind comments on my poem'Never gone away ' .

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Terry Dawson 23 January 2020

Haha, four things greater than all things are, love and love, and and luck

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Paula Dennison 22 August 2018

I like this poem very much. It reminded of a time in my own life experience. It had an affect on my senses and gave me rich images of the garden and the couple. A sensuous and romantic writing. I read it over and over because I liked the way the words fell and balanced.

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Govind singh 09 March 2018

Amazing poem by an extremely talented poet....keep writing pls.

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Dr Antony Theodore 31 December 2017

Soft waves of warmth are overtaking me never have I ever felt like this before I feel my life is beginning..... to have you all night in my dreams....... the scent. the kiss, the love, softness, thank you dear poet for this great poem. tony

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Ravi Kopra 31 December 2017

Thank you Tony for the visit and your lovable comment. I believe I have already made a comment on one of your favorite poems in which the spouse is fearful that he might die before she does! I will check it again. Merry Christmas and happy holidays. You must still be busy in your ministry spreading the holy words of a holy son of a holy holy God! God will welcome you when he calls you.

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