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Heart And Soul (The Short Story Of A Prince) - Poem by Rik Bertrand

I am no longer wanted in my Kingdom for I have denied my father's wishes to marry the princess of the adjacent land. I have been cast out by my own blood, and I sit on the edge of the world not knowing where my future lies. I am of the heart and soul not of thy head that thinks of only riches and lands. In time, all will understand my decision, they will concur with all that my heart desires.
The path before me may not be an easy trail to partake, but I must cut through the thickets of my life and hold my head high. I am of faith and I know that my love is out there waiting for my arrival. She is on the same path as I chose and we shall meet head-on with no doubts of the heart. Our souls shall entwine and we will be as one in the presence of God.
All alone in the wilderness of my thoughts I see what shall become. As I said before I do not know where my future lies but I know who it will lie with. I have seen this in the visions, through the thickness of the trees that stand before me. I know my love is winding her way towards me as I do the same. The barriers that try to hold us apart attempt to test our faith in our god and we shall not bow down to their temptations. We have the strength and conviction to carry our hearts to the end of time, if only to be together for a short while.
My lands are far behind me, my father the king and his people have long forgotten their Prince. I pray that God will show them the true path to riches and glory in their hearts so that they may accept my decision to be free and love the one I was truly meant to love. I do not know if this will come to be, but my blood is my father's blood and he resides in my heart even though he has cast me out.
I hear whispers over the land, coming through the golden meadows of the rolling hills. The whispers are calling me, pulling me forward. The words are clear, "come to me my Prince, come to me", and "I have you embedded in my heart, come to me". They are such sweet words, soft and caring words. I follow the voice across the meadow and over the small knoll, but I do not find my princess, and the voice fades. She is near, of this I know and soon we shall be caressing each other, our arms wrapped around each other gently yet passionately. I must rest, so I lay down in the meadow and close my eyes and dream of my life to be.
Dreaming, dreaming of a small cottage surrounded by large oaks, several young ones running around the manicured garden and lawn laughing and giggling. I see beautiful princess kneeling in the garden pulling up carrots and putting them in a hand woven basket. This is not what a princess does, but she has no care and looks happy and content. I am walking down from the trees that wrap around this cottage of love and the children look up and yell to me, "daddy daddy", and it is at this time I realize these are my children and that is my princess. I wake in the meadow with tears in my eyes, happy happy tears. My heart aches, for if this dream were to be true my life would be complete.
The images of the dream play through my head as I sit upon a rock at the top of the hill. A simple life, with a simple home away from all the false riches of the kingdom. I could be a simple man with a family that is not burdened with the rhetoric's of royalty. What a life that would be for me and my princess to be. I know in my heart that that is what she would truly want. I must find her, she must find me, and we must be as one and set upon our new life. "I am on my way love".
Time passes so slowly and at times painfully, for my heart wears thin with impatience. I must continue to have faith that my Princess and I will collide on this path to eternity. It has been years since I was cast out but I know that my time is near, my destiny awaits just across the next horizon, I feel my soul mate, I can taste her essence in the air that I breathe, I am consumed with emotional ecstasy.
Life's true nature reveals itself on a day bright with the morning light. The Morning mist has embedded itself on the landscape and a rainbow has formed, and in the spring of my everlasting life I see a revelation of beauty standing elegantly before me. My Princess, my love, you are so divine and I give myself to you. The Princess takes my hand and says "My Prince I am not a princess, I am just a humble lady looking for peace and harmony in life". Her soul spoke to me and I listened. I said "Although a prince I was, I am now just a man of peace with harmony in my heart. Will you accept that in which I have become? May I be your Peace and your Harmony? " My Princess (a lady at heart) took my hands in hers and looked be in the eyes and spoke with love in her voice "I have searched for you as you have searched for me for many years we have traveled the lands. We accepted each other ages ago, and now we can commit our life's to one another and look to the future with pride".
What came next was already foretold for you have witnessed my dream of the cottage in the woods. Life is amazing, and we must follow our hearts, our dreams, and always have faith. Life is not all roses, sometimes there are thickets must pass by or through, but it you trust in yourself, in your God, and in the ones that you love, you will be happy in the end. I was once a prince of a Kingdom far and wide, now I am just a man in love with a family and home I cherish. God Speed my friend.
REB (OCTOBER 2012) in our heart and soul we are who we are, and love has no bounds.

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