Ciara Mitchell

Heartbreak Hotline - Poem by Ciara Mitchell

By Ciara Mitchell

Welcome to heartbreak hotline
Were we make your tears disappear
If you are experiencing heartbreak
Please press one and an operator will tend to mental wounds
And bruises.

If someone unworthy of your love is pulling at your heartstrings
Like a cat fixated with yarn press two
And someone will come to cut the strings from their cold diabolical
Hands. If you are currently feeling depressed or
Lonely and feel like no one will ever love you for yourself
And if you’re constantly hearing the thoughts of friends, family and strangers
Drone in head. You know thoughts like “are you still single”? ,
“You’re just not ready right now”, “You’re such a catch” and the ever popular
“Aren’t you afraid of being alone? ” to where you respond

“Yes, I am still single”, “I not ready for what commitment, passion, trust, loyalty”
“ if I am such a catch then how come no one has reeled me in yet? ” and
Yes I am afraid why do think I’m on heartbreak hotline right now?
But your keep these thought bottled up in your head.
Then press three and we will provide you with a nice glass of tequila
And person to personality slap them in the face.

We at heartbreak hotline understand the pains that both men and women can cause in order
To leave stitches and bruises.
We get that sometimes at night you cry because you
Miss the feeling of being wanted. We build on the fact that so many of your friends
Want to call you out on your love life but, in actuality their relationship isn’t all that perfect

That’s why we mend your mental wounds and scars
We turn your frowns upside down and we even have a full 24 hour number
So you can call late nights when you need some love.

So give us a call so we can fix your tears
Because heartbreak hotline can make them disappear/.

Topic(s) of this poem: heartache, heartbreak, heartbroken, lonely

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, December 10, 2015

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