Heartbroken Poem by gloria wekesa


Rating: 3.5


My heart is in so much pain right now, the thought of seeing you makes
Me feel queasy,
It’s a cliché to say I cry myself to sleep at night,
Because it still doesn’t begin to describe the pain and the sleepless nights,
Every waking hour,
I dream of you
And the pain: oh! The pain is becoming more unbearable,
Why can’t I be with you? Why?

Yes, we talked about it and decided it could not work,
It was for the best you said,
But whose best? Mine or yours?
Did we look at all possibilities and all worst scenarios?
Could it really never work?
My heart is shattered into small pieces
I don’t think I can pick them.

Now you are completely avoiding me, I don’t even see you around
Is that the best way to deal with
A broken heart? Avoidance?
My heart will not accept that you will never be mine,
My heart screams for you so loudly, are you deaf?
Are you just ignoring me? I need to talk to you, I need closure.

What makes you think she is the best for you?
What if she breaks your heart? Why can’t we be together?
I know in my heart you are the one for me,
You say we can be friends, but we cannot,
I want you as my best friend, my lover
My everything.

My heart is broken, it is bleeding,
Because the only person I have ever loved belongs to someone else
And can never be mine
My heart is shattered into pieces.
My heart is broken.

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