The Door Poem by gloria wekesa

The Door

Rating: 5.0


I open the door and I find love,
It embraces me and fills me with warmth,
My heart feels fulfilled and satisfied,
But then I start choking,
My head is in a daze,
I can’t breathe I need
Fresh air,
I run for the door
But it won’t open.

I am walking in this huge
House with so many corridors,
This house that I opened the door
Once and it was so full
Of love,
Now, I don’t know what it is,
The walls seem to be closing in on me,
They are going to crash me I need out,
But I don’t know how.

I see a light, its flickering
And I walk towards it
It embraces me and I feel safe,
Its showing me the way out,
And I start to run but then I come to a dead end,
Maybe I should have walked
Maybe I missed a point so crucial
I lost the way out,
I cannot retrace my steps
Because the light is gone and its dark.

The darkness is so still,
The silence so loud I feel like
Screaming but no one will hear me,
I grope in the dark and take
Cautious steps trying to find
My way out,
Then I knock over something,
Stumble and fall
The pain cuts through my heart
I decide to follow the little
Sound that I can hear,
Or is it a figment of my imagination?
‘you can get out, ’ I tell myself
And will myself to move,
Because fear is gripping my body
Like a vice,
And a bead of sweat is trickling
Down my spine.

I feel for something, anything
But nothing
And the pain is still great then I feel it
What is it? I don’t know
I crouch trying to touch and smell it
But I still don’t know
I stand up and feel it
But I still don’t know
Then I feel it, the knob
My heart beats so fast
I can’t breath.

Should I open it or leave it? What to do?
I want to open but my hands won’t stop shaking
My heart refuse and my brain won’t give me strength to do it
What will I find when I open this door?
More pain and heartache? More love lost?
More drama and confusion? Or
Will I find peace and tranquility? Love and happiness?
What will I find?
And that’s it? The maze of life.
Never knowing which road to take, which door to open
And which one not to,
Paying for mistakes we made
And sometimes celebrating.

Naseer Ahmed Nasir 24 November 2008

A beautiful and meaningful poem, especially the last stanza is really admirable.10 for you.

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Didier Kahungu 15 August 2008

Risk is the game being played in life in my view, often times or shoudl rather say all the time when you hold on to the giver of that life, he directs your path and tells you which door to open. thats life` s labyrinth for you.10

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