Heartless People Poem by victoria mbali

Heartless People

What do you call a person who repeatedly rape an innocent 5 months old child
What do you call a person who beats up his wife that she wakes up in hospital every month/day
What do you call a person who steals from homeless
What do you call people who kill innocent unborn and born babies
Flushing them by toilets
Squeezing with bin bag plastics till their little lungs can no longer inhale
Giving their embryos to dogs to feed
What do you call people who kill 5 million people only for power, ruling, colonising, killing them physically and emotionally

This apple that we live in rots everyday
Because of the terrible seeds implanted everyday
This is Adams and Eves apple that we live in

The good seeds have to pay for their sins

What happened to their hearts?

John Carse 31 January 2012

Hi - thank you for your kind words on my poem. I liked this poem of yours especially the metaphor of the apple. Good to find another S African on PH. Best Wishes

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Siyabonga A Nxumalo 20 December 2011

Great poem Mbali, we live in a crazy world...

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Lindo Mvelase 17 May 2010

what a great expression i like the poetic way you look at this messed up planet we living in ' adamms apple'

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Sicelo Sithole 10 February 2010

Beautiful write, all the issues are clearly addressed. thank you for sharing.

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