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Dusty roads greeted me
With a smile.
Welcoming me back,
I'm home,

Not because im black.
But because my heart warms
And tears run down my face
When i think about AFRICA.

You are my brother,
Even though we're
Miles apart.

I am unique, an irreplaceable human being.
The first me and the last.
I am God's creature, no one will ever replace me.

The sound of your voice
Echoes in my mind day and night,
Its like a sweet lullaby.

I though it was triumph.
I rejoiced thinking
Our suffering was gone.

I can smell the
Nice scent, of a
Freshly cut grass.

I was born to be a dark horse,
Not a misfit.

I was born to be a hero,

Hours passed by,
Days quickly ran by,
Weeks waved their goodbyes in a hurry,
Months slowly went by, smilling and fading away.

It is only a phase,
Like clouds tomorrow
It will be gone.

i saw his blood
on the street last night.

Show me my origin...
Show me my land...
Show me my Africa...


Those tears running
Down your face,
Will cease.

The hills and stones
Are still the same my love,
But my life has changed.

Campaigns have begun,
All of a sudden they care a
Great deal about us...
Ha! ha!

That you took your time
And opened my page.

Though my bio is not catchy,

i didn't count the days,
weeks smiled at me as they went by,
months danced and sang with me,
years wiped away my tears.


I'm about to close my eyes
And take a trip to dreamland,
Where castles lasts for only a night,
Where joys and sorrows are short lived,

One day i'll
Take off this mask,
And smile a genuine smile.
I'll look at the watch

When love creates
Dispute and

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I am just an ordinary guy...thanks for taking your time to read my poems..God bless you, it doesn't matter what name you call Him.)

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Home Sweet Home

Dusty roads greeted me
With a smile.
Welcoming me back,
I'm home,
Home sweet home.

I slowly drove past
Herds of cows and goats feeding.
Ha! Ha!
I'm home,
Home sweet home.

I see children playing,
Runing up and down,
Singing their lungs out.
I'm home,
Home sweet home.

I meet elders ryding
Their twenty-something old bicycles.
Waving at me as i pass by,
Smiling that honest smile.
I'm home,
Home sweet home.

I see women with their babys
0n their backs, coming from maize plantations.
Even though its boilin g hot,
They still have that smile,
That smile that can melt ice at antartica.
It reminds me.....
I am home.

I see the black eagle
Soaring high up in the sky.....
I see those majestic mountains,
That have been my dear friend growing up,
That swallowed livestock and humans.
They are covered by a beautiful
Green blanket.....
Its beautiful.....
I am home.

Red and white butterflies
Are everywhere, hugging and
Kissing every flower they see.
I'm home,
Home sweet home.

I am home.....
Where nights are quiet and peaceful.
Where days are long and joyful.
Where respect is the order of the day.
Mmm! i smile a genuine smie,
Because here, there are no fake smiles.

I can feel that cool breeze,
That tar roads, gigantic buildings
And massive firms swallow in the city.
I am home.....

Here, i am a father and uncle
To every child.
It takes the whole village
To raise a child.Right?
I am a brother, a cousin and a son.

I am home.....
Where i can wake up in
The morning and smile
With the rising sun, without
Hearing no police siren
As they chase down criminals.

I am home.....
Where i can go up the
Mountain and just look
At the sinking sun.
When its pinkish, goldish
And redish reflections makes
Wonders on the sky.

My heart bit with these
Majestic mountains.
I am home.....
Home sweet home!

Siyabonga A Nxumalo Comments

Marina Pascal 16 May 2014

I like that! - nicely written.

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Senamile Zulu 14 May 2014

u know I picked your poem for creative text practice and my freinds loved it. nami ngiythandile uyshayile mngan wam thank you.

2 8 Reply
Persian Khushi 21 April 2012

nicely written. i like your flow of words. kp writing.

3 8 Reply
Duncan Nhlakanipho Mthiyane 06 February 2012

Nice one. Thank bru. Its so creative

2 9 Reply
Unwritten Soul 31 January 2012

Before Time step into another minutes to change hours and remove date of Jan31st from 2012...I will crave a statue, with my words to honor my friend Siya, Happy Birthday To You..may your spirit and hope still strong in time..your fight for your nation just so day people will come and visit this statue, to come and Praise you...Rise Africa Rise...Even i am far away for the land but i can see the light landing over there...In poetry rhyme, and spiritful lines..Keep writing Siya..for all humanity sake, rise and never drown when you fall...float and fly like a phoenix! keep it up Bday boy! _Unwritten Soul

6 8 Reply

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