Heaven Poem by Chan Mongol


Poem by Chan Mongol
November 29 of 2019

They are with not enough data and software;

In the temporary internet why they are?

Yes! Temporary is the internet as created;

Almost six months older software is outdated!

Rotten scientists been playing with consumers;

None of us can enjoy directly natural affairs.

Internet should be used for our liberation;

Success of revolution should be in education.

Only, showing own pictures and call it selfi;

Tendency is to be hallucinated and stars to be.

Also, many are sunk in the filthy quagmires;

In fists of narrow, nasty own political leaders!

Polishing the system of bureaucracy and greed;

Since the Neolithic period, humans were not freed.

I wish people be organized to join me;

Because, now the cry is everywhere to be free.

Trillions of mute freedom seekers, I can see;

But no motivation for liberation is seen around me!

Perhaps, their interests are not constructed same;

We don't understand each other's problem and game.

I don't care for a country but care for an individual;

Worldwide, all countries are sunk in the hell.

I can't be with gangs and neither they are with me;

Let them stick with own rotten country and society!

I had a dream to return to Paleolithic or, Neolithic age;

To state of nature with more trees and rich natural image!

With lesser newborn and reducing overpopulation;

Demolishing countries with one earth and one federation!

Educating folks and bringing the forgotten humanity;

In denouncing states and upholding individuality, sanity!

I bring up history, logic and factual information;

For decades, I tried but bullies failed me my mission.

Don't let it go as is to endanger and spoil in the turmoil;

Over population will dent the light, air, water and soil.

What are you going to do with too many people?

Eliminating the nature, trees and the leftover is the hell!

Conscience needed for not to bring more than 2 children;

It will redo the earth as before, as a paradise, a heaven!


Chan Mongol

East Bengal (Bangladesh)
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