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One Black Rose -

among roses, colorfully void of black,
liken any other yet immortally fragrant

I write the poems that -

the whole world read
I write words that just

-for pilgrim sake,
and land once, of 'Native' soil
Allegiance pledged, of
conquest gained, from

Emotion, Devotion and Interpretation -

hardly easy to define, yet why 'Life'
becomes of another meaning, feeling.

Semantics say much of what humans have created for communication with themselves and others. They only need to dissect and de-vowel, apply given nouns to their chosen adjectives. Some making more sense than when construed to define innocent verbiage of denial and with encoded killing purpose of intent.

Acceleration makes haste where risk is taken to achieve wasteful goals that reach far beyond the muscle and brawn of evolved human male ability. Life is often said to be short and so we've created many means to live it in the proverbial fast lane, crashing into all others who get in their, each other's way.

MEN - only we are part of
sHE - only we are part of

We've many Mentors whom have shared their wisdom with us all.
Least of which we knowledge and nourish for the better of all
Life and Earth.

Prophets and Predictions

I've concluded that there may be to Voodoo and
fortune telling, as there are to scriptured predictions -

* A Prosody, Prose and;
Theme Un-silenced

Defiance of Mind

The count goes on, as a matter of time
It's significance, a mere state of mind

*There Will be Earth Peace when all of Humankind will
endeavour them Selves to have 'Love, Empathy and
Compassion for One Another'.

we, whom among Earth's population
live and reside, inherently within are
feelings of the human condition

2: 30 AM

The Race Colored Race

my discovering to be an expendable particle of Quantum dust sacrificed by a political decision to be cast, drafted and led to combat the viral contaminants of a hypocritical society of their non electoral voting, doubtfully UN-concluded by the master-bated majority of chosen, loyal and qualified to be, not one of revolutionary mind and explosive intent, being free of the behavioral curses inherent to the disposition of a non, conscious, mental aberration that randomly chooses to be lost in the moral dysfunction of some lame, moral and barbaric unleashed alien residing in the DNA miracle of the hexagonal program of tangled string along with the evolutionary theory that has unproven to be seen with that 'eye' that has neither the human iris nor the distinguishing prejudice of selected, visual bigoted focus herein renders its mechanical worthlessness to be victim of human, evolved winnings of Nobel slur-prizes, on the path to hellish interprets, decidedly by some appointed critics of the literary world of self extinguished wing and surviving fittest genius' that have reached egocentric goals brought upon by triggering neurons and brainless synapses who intercourse with mating transmitters of whatever biological demons or angels of their mercy are forthcoming to save from all racial extinction of their inevitable destiny of self distrusted and instructed to achieving...

Predictably, unpredictable
'Goals of Armageddon'

See me sad
Touch me glad
Feel me...
not all too soon

- live and reside, inherently within are
feelings of the human condition

Evil breeds, its rape upon youth with

A Bort, ...as heard among listening eyes,
felt within the modest heart
Oh hear see! of my cry,
of wayward words, cast outward

about some people, some feelings just won't let go,
won't matter, just not forgotten, forgetting the evils of

I can't see nor hear of much more of it.
Have cried and angered to a frenzy over it.
Nor ever again will I believe that my prayers
could ever end it.

Has cooped
within my soul

gathering bygones and

Louie Levy Biography

Louie Levy as a Poet, originally from Brooklyn, NY now lives in the state of California. His 'poetry for Love and Peace' has been published and read around the world in such publications as 'Taj Mahal Review, Explorers Literary Magazine and 'Insights', a Collection of Contemporary Short Stories, to name a few. In addition, his unique perspective and objective sensitivity has forged him to the forefront as a master photographer with his work being published in 'Harvests of the New Millennium' and 'Different Worlds, a Virtual Journey, Art and Poetry' Dr Santosh Kumar, Editor. Louie Levy's speaking engagements, most recently at Simi Valley, Ca. Cultural Art Center and plans at Moorpark Community College are always centered on his eternal hope for peace and love in the world through creative writing. A Google web search as; Poet for Peace Louie Levy, will have you see more of 24 years of writing endeavors listed online and where ever contributed.)

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A Black Rose

One Black Rose -

among roses, colorfully void of black,
liken any other yet immortally fragrant
Significantly mutant in empathy,
brings with its presence, sincerity,
consolation for lives lost to the
darkened shadows of human ill tiding

Judges Comment;
The presence of BLACK is revealed by its absence,
appealing to the reader, who sees black roses in all roses.
Cleverly done.

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Louie Levy Popularity

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