Heaven Poem by Steve Turner


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What happens in heaven?
Will I sit on a cloud?
Is walking or talking
Or jumping allowed?

Will I be on my own
Or with some of my friends?
Does it go on for ever
Or eventually end?

What happens in heaven?
Will I play a harp's strings?
I can't play piano
I can't even sing.

Who chooses the music
That angels inspire?
Who does the auditions
For the heavenly choir?

What happens in heaven?
Are the streets paved with gold?
Is it crowded with people
Who're incredibly old?

Will I know who I am?
Will I know what I'm called?
If I pinch myself hard
Will I feel it at all?

What happens in heaven?
Do I go through a gate?
What if I get myself lost
Or turn up too late?

Is my name on a list?
Is the gatekeeper nice?
Can you sneak in for nothing
Or is there a price?

Helen 30 March 2018

Used powerfully by Bishop David’s in his address this morning at Good Friday service, Red Hill, Asterby. Children afterwards were talking about it, saying it was asking all the questions they wanted answers to! ! !

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priscilla garcia 17 May 2007

your a great writer i hope you know that.......i always wanted 2 kno wat happened in heaven......write back priscilla garcia

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Barbara Schutz 18 October 2005

I think we are asking the same questions! Please read my poem, 'Will There be a Breeze in Heaven? ' and see what you think!

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