Hello Caroline

Hello Caroline, how have you been?
Any new songs? Any new friends?
Your sisters growing, yes I can tell,
I see your face's in my wishing well.
The last time I saw you, oh what a show.
Dancing, running and tantrumes you throw.
How are the mountains, so far away?
I'm in the city and the buildings are grey.
What I would give to see you at times.
Hearing your laughter and chuckling rhymes.
Watch as your sister's eyes come alive,
from all new things that shine in the light.
The best of friends I'm sure we would be.
So young in your youth, so fast, so free.
I am missing more than scratches and tears.
Most of all, I am missing the years.
Your growing too fast and thats all I can see.
Before too long, just fading memories.
I am sure to see you from time to time.
Each passing year your youth is denied.
So far away from everyone's turn,
to laugh and smile as you grow and learn.
My niece Caroline. How have you been?
Any new dances or school house friends?
Its good to hear your voice on the phone.
Tell me more before your up and gone.
Like a silent whisper from a trailing wind.
You can tell me more when I see you again.

Caroline Weeks 06 September 2008

Lovely and real sentiment...though perhaps I'm biased. :) Beautiful poem.

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I enjoyed this piece. It works on two levels, a letter home to a niece. But it also works on a deeper level, evoking the poignancy of anyone who has left home and looks back at all that they have missed by moving to the gray city. Excellent write, L&T

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