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****gazzah Calls****

No body listen
Nobody feels
No body even
Try to relieve

Teenager Feelings

Teenager feelings changing my life
making me love the sky
Sweet feelings complete my days
Taking my breath away

Alive Again..

Under the tree I lay dowen
staring & standing
hearing the sounds
looking at the birds the sheep and cows

Love Story

in the summer times
in the winter times
that girl is coming
from her old house

******why...The War? ? *****

why don't we try.... to imagine
a world without war? ?
why don't we feel
the joy and pain..of millions

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Hi... all
I am girl from Syria living in Kuwait..I am a hopeful girl I have a great goals to be reached.. my favorite hobby is playing piano, drawing and me the life is just a moment in our time, we should do our best on it... and every moment in our time shouldn't be wasted...I like being special and great girl not just name and one ...

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