Her Front Door Poem by Randy McClave

Her Front Door

I knocked and knocked upon her front door
Did she hear me knocking or was I again ignored,
I then looked at my watch and it was a half past four
Doesn't she know that she's the one that I truly adore.
I have sent her cards and candy, and also boutique of flowers
I wanted what was mine, hopefully someday to be ours.

I call her up and no one ever answers her phone
So, I dial and dial again hoping that she is at her home,
Does she not like me and wants me to leave her alone
Though maybe by herself she had decided to take a break and roam.
But, if she wasn't interested in me why did she give me her address
I wonder if with my feelings if she is just playing a game of chess.

I stopped and I wondered and then I had a thought
But, it was more like a revelation and my feelings were lost,
Maybe she is not the woman that my soul had sought
Now I wish that could turn back the hands of the clock.
Was she ever in love with me, or was it all just a game
I now know it wasn't real, so I extinguished the flame.

I don't call her up or knock at her door any longer
With others I have made commitments for her I will no longer ponder
I was weak once before, but now I am so much stronger
Life and living I took for granted; it I will no longer squander.
She now calls me up and her calls I will never answer
To me she became a disease, she was my cancer.

Randy L. McClave

Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: heartbroken
Gajanan Mishra 22 October 2014

life and living, thanks, I like it.

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Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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