Her Life Poem by Randy McClave

Her Life

She has had more affairs
Than people remember or ever care
More than a house with all its stairs
Or even a school with all its chairs
Though to stop she has not the desire
To end those ways or even the power.

She has told so many lies
More than anyone else can deny
More than the tears one person can cry
Or even the truth a sinner can't deny.
And never is honesty on her side
From GOD and truth she will always hide.

She has put more persons to blame
More than the drops of a summer rain
More than an older woman's aches and pain
Though without any pity and any shame.
She becomes no-ones losses and no-ones gain
As she becomes known without a name.

She has used and also abused
More than what most persons earn and loose
More than all decisions most people did choose
And doing it again, it she will always do
As she has no feelings or even a clue
What's old to her, to others it is new.

She has called so many places home
More than a nomad on the roam
More than the stars in the sky that's shown
Even all the names in the bible known
But then in the end she will let out a moan
And by herself gladly she will be alone.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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