Ramona Thompson

Her Or Me - Poem by Ramona Thompson

Again and again
You pit us againest one another
Calling our my name when you're with her and her name with you're with me
Got us bad mouthing each other all over the place
Following you around like 2 love sick puppys
By now the whole world must know how you got us
Fed up and mad
So damm angry
You creep
Either you tell us both to get lose now or you make a choice at last
Which way boy you gonna go?
Her way or my way?
So tell us lover boy of ours?
Who's it gonna be?
Make your choice
Her or me?

Patience is running low
Tempers are boiling over out of control
Getting sick to death of all your flip flopping around
If you don't step up the the plate and be a man now
Then we will make the decision for you
Trust me
No way in heck do you want that
No way do you want me or her that upset
2 desperate women in love and scorned by you
Pick her or pick me
No way out
You must choose
Who matters more to you?
Who's it gonna be?
Her or me?

So many decisions to be made
So little time left that we are giving you
Take her as your bride
You lose
Take me
You win
Sounds like a easy choice to me
Don't take the wrong road and be haunted forever more
Get up off that couch and face your future
Never be happy otherwise
Never be free of heartache and despair if you don't pick the right one
Is that what you really want?
I don't think that it is
So if you really care what's good for us all
You'll choose and you'll choose soon
Her or me?

This isn't meant to hurt you
No matter what you may think or how we have made this sound
No our dear what this is
Is a lover's justice
Our justice
For all of us and for the future
We will make you choose
One way or another
Don't keep us in suspense
Please change all 3 of our lifes forever
Choose the wrong woman and I promise
That you will never ever be whole
Poor boy
Don't you wish now you had loved only one to begin with and not 2
Put yourself in the middle between us
Trapped in a endless war
Caught in a catfight of your own making
If I were you I would hurry up and do this fast
Now before we both up and leave your sorry hide
Make your choice
Who's it gonna be?
Time's up
Who do you choose?

Her or me?

Comments about Her Or Me by Ramona Thompson

  • (10/23/2006 12:10:00 PM)

    ...Or...you could show him what self respect is all about...and make that decision for him...walk away...if he truly cares...he will follow...if not...well then, isn't it better to know the truth? Hold your head up high, and just walk away.

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