Her Shadow Of Vulgus Poem by James McLain

James McLain

James McLain

From Tampa Florida And Still Living Near By

Her Shadow Of Vulgus

At the center of my poets head
in addition to being called
by she whom I know that she is.

Being a child I called on your heart.
Being called you love it I think.
That perhaps, Love is scurrility
and because I slip over the skin of foreplay.

For a greater cause to a longer extent,
unceasing pleasant behavior
which comes often hard is never to rough.
Not even Martha Stewart says that
non etiquette substitutes words or as for colloquialism.

Cunninglus- nasty or nice of the quality
which is come to me woman refined.
It was supposed stalely
because it is
natural features characteristic naturally to be low,
it is supposed that rough stimulus and love it is attached.

Does your center
have classes to take to teach me how to less
when my motives are plainly more.
It your hips did not move higher.
Because mine came up half way to meet yours.
Is your reputaion at school such that you.

Therefore the concept of vulgarism from first carries
the cultural weight of the world,
is not a certain society, without either the powder
from the religion prospect,
or and perhaps this should thing similarly to exiest,
is not, it becomes what it is dress hiked up
panties pulled down crying more not less make it more.

If my poetry makes you wet like that then perhaps
before you go to school it is pliable oiled it is soft.

James McLain

James McLain

From Tampa Florida And Still Living Near By
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