through The Old Oak Tree Poem by James McLain

through The Old Oak Tree

Rating: 2.7

A stream flowing through the old oak tree is still alive.
The heart of the forest (wood which has lived to long it is, unexpected obstacle, this living log
and complicated cover which I lowered)
of rich redwood of old green growth
the menagerie where these forests are in English it is simple.

Once of the lower order I climb up to be exchanged.
Decrease slippery many salamanders for example,
going in and out of the mouth of holes in the clay.

Fighting it depends on the rough ligneous wreckage.
Many kinds are compared to the forest
where the plantation and other young person maintain
social structural their heritage and are managed,
at least temporarily.
It is expected some watching while a few others
all over one maintains their feelings, facial composure.

Being natural, the dependence of many more of the same
but different shapes to the feature of the old forest.
Some salamanders are short thick headed and round.
It lived and died inside, the wooden cavity of the oak.
Others with heads to huge were lowered deeper inside.
Before, perhaps, it's empty when full catching breath because
of the heritage which remains there it is there rooted mainly.

Bri Edwards 20 November 2013

Is It Poetry.........good question. i guess it can qualify. i'd guess (if you really do have a mental disability...what would it be?) that the parts of your poetry (and 'bio/about you') i find odd are caused by your 'condition'. hmmm? but, then again, you may be simply creative. you have created some interesting (weak word perhaps) poems. let me look at one more today. thanks for sharing. :)

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Bri Edwards 03 June 2016

Ok, I reread, not remembering having read it before. We live near redwoods. Salamanders on rye toast are a treat; I just have NOT figured out for whom. Certainly not the salamanders? ? :) Bri

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Sarah Mkhonza 12 November 2016

I love this poem. I like the reminiscence in it. Reminds me of trees way back in the past. Thanks for writing it.

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Akhtar Jawad 16 January 2018

I may be simply on an oak tree and mythical lizards that live in fire, but I understand this poem a story of the earth and the humans. We are living on this world as salamanders. I quote, Before, perhaps, it's empty when full catching breath because of the heritage which remains there it is there rooted mainly. Yes, we are living in the rough ligneous wreckage of the earth, made by the time, and facing the consequences of our ancestor's misdeeds.

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Ken E Hall 13 June 2015

Read the poem twice and I try to understand the is interesting salamanders and the oak cavity would like an explanation and release myself off the hook of perplexity...regards

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Maria Youngblood 16 December 2020

Beautiful Mr. James

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Soran M. H 25 December 2019

salamander to mean is the metaphor of human beings and the atmospher of what would happening in this poem is similar to the one in mankind, it is rarely used by poets, well done poet for your fantasy imagination and creativity 10/10

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Dr Dillip K Swain 09 October 2019

A brilliant poem! Thoroughly relished your lucid expression enriched with illustrious poetic beauty.................................10

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Bri Edwards 14 May 2019

ok, i went to pages of least hit on poems (3) and i'd left comments on all of them! :) bri let me look at a new one! ! !

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Jagdish Singh Ramána 27 January 2019

going in and out of the mouth of holes in the clay.- acts of paradise as a child. wonderful poem, a spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings surrounded by heavenly beauty of nature,

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James McLain

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